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The Chemist's Shop

Title: The Chemist’s Shop
Author: Richard Brumer
Genre: Suspense / Thriller

Pharmacology professor Michael Ross retires from the world of academia in 
1970 and opens a community pharmacy in a peaceful upstate New York town. 
He puts the horrific tragedies of his past behind him and finds serenity in his 
new life. That is, until he recognizes a customer as former Nazi SS officer, Hans Stern.

Michael looks into Stern’s cold steel-blue eyes, clenches his fists and boils inside, remembering how 
his three young daughters were taken from him and gassed, and his wife, Ilona, was tortured, raped 
and stripped of all dignity by Stern, twenty-five years earlier in Auschwitz.

Face to face with this evil being, Michael forces himself to stay calm. In that moment, he experiences
two opposing but related feelings. One is anger, the other exhilaration.
Michael could not protect his family then, but he can avenge their deaths now. 
It isn’t just about killing Stern. That would be too easy. His death has to be slow, painful, and diabolical, and it begins with a game of chess.

Michael dressed, walked a short distance to his two-car detached garage, and drove his ten-year old 
1960 Chevy Bel Air to work. It was a lovely spring day in early May and he had been working steadily in the pharmacy for a few weeks. When he arrived, he greeted Dan and the two technicians, then went into the office to retrieve his long-sleeved white lab jacket. 

The staff was busy typing labels and filling prescriptions for several waiting people, a few of 
whom chatted with neighbors while others mulled about the shop, perusing new cosmetic items. 
One of the medications was for Hilda Sanders, a customer of the pharmacy since opening day. 
She was waiting for her prescription for eye drops to treat her glaucoma. Her husband approached the counter to pick it up. At first, the man’s slight accent drew Michael’s attention. He thought nothing of it, until he turned and stared into the man’s icy, steel- blue eyes, eyes he could never forget. 

Hans Stern.

Michael’s lips tightened and his hands trembled at the sight of the Nazi officer.  
He recognized Stern at once. The man’s cold eyes and downturned thin lips were a dead giveaway. It’s him! Stern’s face was wrinkled, and his blonde hair almost white, but there could be no doubt. Stern glanced back at Michael for a moment, but showed no signs of recognizing him.  
How could he make a connection? Their eyes had met only twice, briefly, more than twenty-five years ago.
Michael boiled inside at the sight of him, but forced himself to remain calm and said nothing. In that instant, he felt two opposing but related feelings, one was anger, the other exhilaration!  
He would have his last.


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Author Bio

Richard Brumer grew up in the Bronx and now lives in Florida with his wife Carol. 
For many years his passions were skiing, sports car racing, and sailing, including sailing solo in the South Pacific. As a retired pharmacist, he turned his hand to writing and has written several novels and short stories. His most recent best selling novel is The Chemist’s ShopA tale of revenge.

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