Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Simple Truth

Simple Truth 

Angela Darrah is a pro when it comes to pitching client stories to the media. But when she suspects her client is exploiting immigrant workers, she's forced to face her own prejudices and to examine herself in ways she never imagined.

Having landed a career-making assignment at one of Iowa’s largest poultry packing plants, Angela is stymied when the CEO who hired her resists her advice. Worse, he defers her to his right-hand man who keeps Angela off balance as he alternately supports and obstructs her efforts. When Angela finds an unexpected ally in a handsome Salvadoran plant supervisor, her professionalism wavers in the face of undeniable attraction.

As Angela immerses herself in the company and the town, she is faced with challenges similar to the company’s immigrant workers. How will she navigate a new system and succeed in the face of obstacles and injustices she doesn’t understand? Then, when she discovers corporate actions that are unethical, possibly illegal, Angela must confront the conflict between her duty to her client and her growing passion to fight injustice. Ultimately, she must decide: What is she willing to sacrifice to help someone else? Simple Truth is a thought-provoking story intertwined with risk, retaliation, and reward.

Find yourself a comfortable spot and settle in. You'll want to stay with this story without interruption, but also be prepared for a range of emotions as you read. Carol Bodensteiner creates characters we can relate to, despite our differences, and settings we feel ourselves immersed in.
You will be transported to small town Iowa, factory town Iowa. I was surprised by how realistic it all came across and by how much I never would have imagined myself. Although a work of fiction this is completely believable.
As Angela leaves Des Moines for her first real solo assignment I could feel her loneliness, anxiety plus excitement about this change and unexpected opportunity.
(I could also relate to her decision to be back in time for Kinky Boots.)
Then as she is given the FULL factory tour, I felt her struggle to save face and become the professional she knew she must be to fulfill her assignment. How out of her element she feels and her regret about minor faux pax she makes that to her feel huge. As she learns more about the factory and the town, especially the people, Angela feels she is taking a few steps forward and then falters steps back. There are many elements about this job she did not know ahead of time and life, up to this point, had not prepared her for. Her own beliefs and perceptions are to be tested and examined over and over. On her desk is a rock engraved "INTEGRITY."
Her assignment is to help a company recover its reputation after a product recall and the associated bad publicity. She find management less than eager to accept the validity of her methods and underlying problems at the factory which, if brought to light the wrong way, can compromise not only a business but the entire community.
Angela also finds good people and a potential, yet forbidden, romance. Can she solve the problems she encounters, fulfill her assignment and learn more about herself in the process?
I found myself checking my own experiences and beliefs as I was carried away on this emotional journey.

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