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Talented, a paranormal romance novel by Debbie Civil.

By Debbie Civil
Genre: Paranormal Romance

We are talented, and our duty is to protect the town of Westgrove from a destructive enemy. For two years we have been hunting THEM. That’s right, we don’t know the name of our enemy. All we know is that human energy makes them stronger. So, we’ve spent our time patrolling heavily populated areas, to ensure the safety of our town. During a party in a secluded cabin, everything changes. A human is murdered, and our friends are dragged into the war to protect our territory. More complications arise when a keeper visits Westgrove and informs us of the council’s expectations. Will we obey or go rogue?

Hi Folks,

     My name is Debbie Civil and I’m the author of the novel “Talented.” “Talented” is book one of the Talented Series. The paranormal Romance can be enjoyed by anyone who love creatures who hunt humans and the hero’s that hunt evil. In the talented universe there are important concepts that you must no. The first is that talented refers to a race of humans who have reserves of powers inside them. As the talented individual grows more powerful they can touch a reserve of power with their mind. That means that some of the reserves of powers are closed off to the group of talented humans featured in this novel.
     In this universe the full blooded talented are people who have seven or more reserves of power inside them. For the most part the talented are blind. Believe it or not, they would rather live without sight. Their vision returns only when they come across a mysterious enemy. This enemy is invisible to the average human. In order to gain a physical form, the enemy needs to drain the energy of several humans. They do so by sucking it out of them in the way that a vampire sucks out blood. All that is required is physical contact between the enemy and the human.
     A keeper is a half breed talented. Half breeds rarely have more than one reserves with in them. These individuals are paper pushers. Some can sense the enemy but can’t see them. So they   don’t fight the enemy.
     Who is the enemy? Well, I don’t want to spoil it. The four full blooded talented discover the truth once the keeper assigned to them comes to town. 

About the Author

My name is Debbie Civil and I’m from Brockton, Massachusetts. The most important detail about me is that I love literature. In a perfect world, I would live in a library and have unlimited access to tons of novels. I would also include my lucky laptop in the deal, so that I could write adventures. I graduated from Eastern Nazarene College with a degree in child and adolescent psychology. My novels focus on the inner turmoil of young adults. I love to write stories about young love and the challenges that the teen couple will face. I also love writing fantasy novels. Aside from reading and writing, I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and my cat Charlie.








Chapter 1


Raff, Kent, Marissa and I sat at Marissa's kitchen table. I clutched a mason jar which held four straws, one of which had a slit at its end. I closed my eyes and pleaded with my Maker that I didn't pull the straw with the slit. I didn't want to suffer through a night of babysitting a bunch of stuck-up idiots who would never understand the danger that they were in. Since Marissa was the one who had created the slit at the bottom of the straw, I was unable to fix the draw. Instead, I snatched a straw and placed the jar on the kitchen table by my best friend Raff's arm. In all honesty, I could have touched the other end of the straw to know my fate. But Marissa liked the suspense. I didn't have the heart to take that excitement from her, especially since I was the reason for the overwhelming despair that she once felt.
Raff sucked in a breath and selected a straw, dramatically shaking the mason jar. The sound of the straws clinking together would not reach Marissa's mother, who was in her upstairs bedroom, arguing with the television. But had I been in her position, that would have sounded like a gong. So, when Raff shook the mason jar, I covered my ears while my other friends groaned in protest.
“What the hell!” Kent hissed, thankfully in a harsh whisper. “Can we get this over with? Touching awareness and echo is killing me,” Marissa quietly complained.
“You're the one who insisted that one of us should go to every party,” I fought back, thinking that the girl had no right to whine about her circumstances.
“We can't let Them win,” Marissa argued. Them. That was the only name we had for our evil enemies. The boy, Ki, who was the only one that had managed to contact knowledge, was murdered before he could tell us. So now the four of us, all Talented teenagers, fumbled around, trying to eliminate a nameless enemy that no one else could see.
“Okay, you can stop making contact with echo now. Reginald didn't cheat this time,” Marissa reported, stating the obvious. I rolled my eyes, even though she couldn't appreciate it. If any optometrist were to examine our eyes, they'd conclude that we were blind, and for the most part, we were. I hoped that it remained that way.
“Can we get this over with?” Kent asked, his boredom barely contained. “My mother is making cookies.” Kent Renner had four motivations in life: eating, reading, graphic audio, and sleeping. The guy was a hermit, only being able to tolerate the company of his mother.
“All right check your straws!” Marissa said, anticipation filling her tone. I grasped the other end of my straw and cursed.
“I have the straw,” I announced, my irritation giving way to anger. Raff patted me on the back.
“It's okay, man. I'll come with you.” Raff always volunteered to patrol with anyone that had the unlucky draw.

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  1. Great first chapter piece. Definitely want to read more.


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