Friday, April 5, 2019

The Peacock Bottle by Angela Rigley

The Peacock Bottle
In this Victorian dual timeline novel, Amelia Wise feels a jolt when she finds a blue perfume bottle in the overgrown garden of the house she has inherited. Several events in her life mirrors those from the past and, with the help of her newfound cousin, Olivia, the bottle's secret is uncovered.

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Thinking at first this story has a Cinderella feel, because of the stepmother aspect, and the disrepair of the house, I was mislead. Although the stepmother's health does not allow her to assist in turning around the family finances, she is not at all evil. 
Then there are some medical aspects that caused me to wonder if madness runs in this family bloodline. While this issue is brought up later in the novel, all is not resolved. 
A mysterious fourteen year old turns up to help reclaim a secret garden. Everyone seems to know and disapprove of him, but he is a great deal of help to one of our heroines.
Told in alternating eras, this story shows how young girls grow up in this house and do their best to survive. It is a portrait of the difficult times.
The ending has some answers but is a major cliffhanger.

Author Bio – Married to Don, I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren, I live in Derbyshire, England, and enjoy researching my family tree (having found ancestors as far back as 1465), reading, gardening, playing Scrabble, meals out and family gatherings. I am the treasurer of my writing club, Eastwood Writers’ Group, and I also write and record Thoughts for the Day for Radio Nottingham. At church I sing in the choir and am an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, a reader, a flower arranger and a member of the fundraising team for Cafod, my favourite charity. I have written hymns, although I cannot read music.
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