Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Brad Was Sad by M. C. Goldrick - Children's Picture Book

Brad was Sad

Did Brad's dad make him sad? 
Brad thought he had...until his dog, Plaid, proved he could choose his outlook & feel glad.
Kids learn best through stories. Empower your child to own their feelings with this beautifully illustrated picture book by award-winning author, M.C. Goldrick.
Brad's dog Plaid shows him how to feel and deal with emotions. Though Brad is having a bad day, Plaid shows him that it's in his power to choose his perspective and his feelings. 
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About the Author
Award-winning author & mother of two, M.C. Goldrick sees feelings as our first language. Through her books she helps us identify and own our emotions. Her acclaimed Juvenile fiction series TIMEFLIES is an example of how stories can both enrich and entertain. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with her family.

About the Illustrator
Rebecca Alexander, mother of two now-grown-up boys, is an accomplished artist with a private gallery. Her work has been featured on Canada Post Christmas Cards & stamps. She lives in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

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Beautifully illustrated book about learning to acknowledge feelings. When tempers flare and words are spoken, Brad, at the receiving end, has sad emotions. His dad lashes out when he steps on block toys, his mother is disappointed when breakfast doesn't turn out as well as she would like.
Eventually Brad is the one who lashes out and his poor, dog, Plaid (rhymes with sad) is on the receiving end of harsh words. Almost immediately Brad feels bad about treating Plaid so roughly, but he notices that Plaid doesn't hold onto those emotions. Brad begins to understand that even when harsh words are thrown, and sadness results, he has a choice about how long to stay sad.
The book ends on a positive note.

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