Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lucky Midas

Eight-year-old Lily loves animals, but can't have a pet because of her 
Mom's allergies. When Lily and her older brother rescue a stray dog, 
can they find a way to keep him? 

Lucky Midas is an easy chapter book with pictures for kids ages 6-8. 
There are ten chapters and several colorful illustrations in this kids book for kindle. 
Children who like kids books about pets will enjoy reading about a brother and sister as they rescue a stray dog. 
It appeals to readers of girl books and boy books alike. The sentences are short and the vocabulary appropriate for children in first through third grade.

The dog jumped at the sound, turned, and streaked down the dead end alley. He splashed through three puddles left from the earlier rain shower. 
“You stay at the top of the alley, “ Scott called as he ran past Lily. “I’ll follow him in and turn him around. You catch him when he comes out again.” 
“Good idea.” Lily moved to the middle of the sidewalk at the top of the alley. She watched Scott jog down the alley after the dog. He stayed across from the dog. 
When he got to the bottom of the alley where the building blocked the road, he crossed toward the dog.

Kate Palmer is the mother of six learning to live in the country surrounded by in-laws. 
She is married to the amazing Nate Palmer who is teaching her how to be a farm girl. 
She knows how to butcher a chicken, but can't saddle a horse.

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This is a wonderful beginning reader for both girls and boys, or for parents to share with their young readers.

Lily and Scott have a really good sibling relationship. Besides walking home from school together they play well together also. Both wish they could have a pet but their mom's allergies make that impossible.
For a while they have seen a stray dog running around their neighborhood. Adults are not being very kind to it.

Scott and Lily make a plan to catch the dog, but what then? They can not take him home.
The dog is friendly but also very hungry, and dirty from running loose.

In trying to do the right thing, Lily and Scott find themselves learning about responsibility.
Will they be able to find their new friend, who they name Midas, a home?

I was allowed to read this fun tale in exchange for an honest review.


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