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Forged in FIRE

Forged in Fire
Bringer of Chaos Book 2
by Kayelle Allen
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Immortals may heal, but a wound of the heart lasts forever...

When the immortal Pietas is marooned on a barren world with no food and few survival tools, he knows it could be worse. He could be alone. But that's the problem. He's not.
Half a million of his people sleep in cryostasis, trapped inside their pods and it's up to Pietas to free them. He can't release one at a time. It's all or nothing. He's facing over five hundred thousand hungry, thirsty, homeless immortals who will call on him for rescue and he has no way to answer.
It's not all bad. The beautiful telepathic warrior he's loved for lifetimes is at his side. He's bonded with a sentient panther. He hates humans but the one dumped on this planet with him has become a trusted friend.
Before Pietas can build shelter, figure out how to grow food, or set up a government, he must take back command from a ruthless enemy he's fought for centuries. His brutal, merciless father.
Immortals may heal, but a wound of the heart lasts forever...


Contains humor, sweet romance, betrayal, angst, vengeance... and a ginormous, sentient black panther who wants to be Pietas's "kitty."

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In this scene from Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire, the not-quite-human Six offers water to the immortal king, Pietas.

Six slid their canteen off over his head and held it out to Pietas.
Accepting anything from a human, an altered one at that, had violated every instinct at first. To take from an enemy, yes. Always. Let one give you something as if you needed it? Admit a weakness before an enemy?
But this was Six.
Pietas took it.
Ultras could go days without water, but they consumed it when they had it. He wiped one dusty hand across his mouth. The satisfaction of assuaged thirst never failed to please. What simple things in life brought pleasure! In captivity, he'd dreamed of even a drop to cool his tongue. He'd sworn he'd never take water for granted again.
Six had offered it to their companions during the climb, but the entire lot refused anything a mortal's lips had touched. Yes, Six was a quasi-immortal. A dead human soldier who'd been resurrected and enhanced with Ultra blood. A "ghost." But to the others, that gave him even less status.
Pietas wavered on few things, but on this? Should he call the man human, mortal, quasi-immortal, or ghost? He'd elected to choose as the mood struck. But one in particular annoyed Six.
"Thanks, ghost." He thrust the canteen against Six's chest.
Staggering, he swore in Spanish. "Find another name for me."
"Tell me your mortal name then."
"You know I can't." Six scratched his cheek. "Gotta protect my family. If your kind knew who they were, they'd slaughter them. You wouldn't, but them?"
Now they were getting somewhere. "So you do trust me?"
"Pi, there's more honor in your left big toe than your entire race combined." He tipped up the canteen but then paused. "No offense."
"None taken. But we're stranded, my friend. Unless a miracle happens, by the time we get off this world, your family will be long dead." He added, "No offense."
Six finished his drink and plugged the canteen. "None taken. Sorry. Can't do it." He lifted the strap back over his head and settled it onto his shoulder, the canteen at his back. "Seriously, Pi, your people hear you call me you-know-what, it'll give away I was Ghost Corps. We both know what they'll do to me."

Kayelle Allen did a tour in the US Navy, where she climbed around airplanes (on the ground, thankfully) fixing black boxes that helped pilots find their way home.

She wrote her first science fiction novel at 18 and to this day, it's hidden under the bed, where she vows it will remain. Gems from it, however, launched several series in her galaxy-wide universe of stories.
From childhood, Kayelle was the victim of an overactive imagination and inherited the Irish gift of gab from her mother. From her father, she got a healthy respect for mechanical things.
No wonder she writes Science Fiction and Fantasy peopled with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She's been married so long she's tenured.

Clues in the Sand (A Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery) by Terry Ambrose

Clues in the Sand (A Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery) by Terry Ambrose

About the Book

Clues in the Sand (A Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery)
Cozy Mystery 2nd in Series
Self Published
Release Date - March 15, 2018
Print Length: 191 pages

To Rick Atwood’s dismay, the police find a body on the beach near his Seaside Cove B&B. The dead woman held a pottery shard from an ancient rice bowl, which the cops believe is a clue to her murder. The chief suspect is Flynn O’Connor, a female archaeologist known for her hatred of treasure thieves. Trouble is, Rick’s daughter Alex sees Flynn as a role model and will not believe her friend is a killer. Alex pressures her dad as only a ten-year-old can to prove Flynn is innocent. The mayor is also making demands—for Rick to stay out of the investigation. With his daughter and the mayor at odds, Rick sees trouble brewing. He knows too well how much Alex loves sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Especially when there’s murder involved.

 Geared toward a younger audience, this series is a clean and gentle murder mystery. 
Rick Atwood is a former big city investigative reporter. It is in his blood.
After some rough times in his marriage and being left alone to raise his daughter, Alex, now ten years old, Rick inherits a B&B in a quiet seaside town. They seem to also have inherited a talented cook, Marquetta, who Alex also envisions as her future mother to the distress of all the Seaside Cove mothers who have single daughters. Alex seems to have also inherited her father's gene for curiosity and investigating.
I did feel I missed some necessary information by not having read the previous book first but I was able to follow along with this mystery as it unfolded.
The tourist activity in town is focused on treasure hunters looking for the wreckage a 16th Century Spanish galleon, or anything that may have washed ashore. It caused one murder, in the previous book, and it seems there is another body on the beach.
Local law enforcement can't handle the case, as well as other town duties, but the mayor is against "Detective Innkeeper" sticking his nose into official town business. I loved the parallel that the more someone (regardless of age) is told they CAN'T do something, the more determined they are to find a way to do it.
A cast of characters who all seem to have secrets and townspeople who know them but are not sharing round out this cozy mystery suitable for ages ten and older.

About the Author

  Terry Ambrose is a former skip tracer who only stole cars when it was legal.
He’s long since turned his talents to writing mysteries and thrillers. Several of his books have been award finalists and in 2014 his thriller, “Con Game,” won the San Diego Book Awards for Best Action-Thriller.
He’s currently working on the Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery series.
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Two Ink Minimum

Two Ink Minimum

Permanent Hangover Book 1

by Michel Prince

Genre: Tattoo(Inker), Contemporary Romance


In book one of Permanent Hangover: All Finn Gardner wanted was a breath of fresh air when he stepped into the alley behind the Permanent Hangover Bar and Tattoo Parlor. At first sight, he’d thought it was just another homeless person to shoo away from the building. Instead, he found someone who needed help—his help.
Having been given a second chance himself, Finn believes in paying it forward. The Hangover has taken more than one lost soul in over the years.
Bailey Parson needed to get away. She left her life in Chicago behind and escaped to St. Paul, but she never once thought far enough ahead to what her next step would be when she arrived there. To her, what she was running from, was much more to worry about than some half-baked plan. After a month stuck on the streets, a new need arises as the temperature started to drop—survival.
Given a chance by a stranger, Bailey works to find her way. Not only winning over customers and the staff with her smart wit and empathy, she wins over the standoffish tattoo artist.
Keeping their relationship forward focused, Finn hoped to avoid both of their baggage. However, when Bailey’s past threatens to destroy everything they built together, Finn’s left with decisions to make. Does he give up the beautiful curvy woman, the only one whose touch calms him? How much of his dark past would he need to unlock to save her? A past with the potential to destroy what they have together.
More importantly, can the lovers turn the scars of the past into a design strong enough to see them through any challenge? Or will the permanent ink leave them with open wounds and no chance of healing?


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“What’s that place like?”
“Loud tonight,” he replied. “You’ve never been?”
“No,” she shook her head a bit surprised he wasn’t catching on she was homeless.
“I’m Finn.” He extended his hand like she was a human being. The simple contact warmed her.
“Jane,” she said not wanting to let go of his warm hand, but knew she had to. “You a bartender?”
“Nah, they don’t really get breaks. I’m with the tattoo parlor.”
She finally paid attention to the sign on the back of the door that said Permanent Hangover. A whiskey bottle with two tattoo guns on either side reminded her of angel wings.
“What is this place?”
“Bar, club, whatever you want to call it with a few chairs for tattooing.” He cleared his throat. “So, Jane, I don’t suppose the last name is Doe?”
“Yes, are you psychic? Only I spell it the French way.”
“D-O-U-G-H,” he said, and she let out a laugh. “Jayne with a Y?”
“Exactly.” She stuffed her hand into the pouch of her sweatshirt. A cash business would be good. Waitressing at a place could get her some much-needed funds and if nothing else Bailey knew how to flirt. “Any chance they need a waitress? I know I don’t look like much, but I clean up pretty good.”
“I can see that,” he said as he approached her. Holding her ground, she fought the urge to flee. It was then the single light at the edge of the alley seemed far away. The exits, too. Now trapped, she wondered if she’d set herself up for an assault. Instead, he lifted the lid to the trash bin and tossed his empty can of Smash.
“You ever waitress before?”
“No, but I’ve worked in customer service.” Being an escort wasn’t exactly a resume builder. “Not for—I’ve never had a job really.”
“Garage sale maven?” he questioned.
“Are you sure you’re not my stalker?”

Author Bio

USA Today Bestselling author, Michel Prince, graduated with a bachelor degree
in History and Political Science.
Michel writes new adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.
Website & Social Media Links:
Amazon Author Page:

Mortiswood: Evil Rising (Mortiswood Tales Book 3) by Gina Dickerson

Mortiswood: Evil Rising
Mortiswood Tales Book Three

Published by Authors Reach Ltd

Release date: March 2018

The problem with secrets is they don’t always remain secret, no matter how long they’ve been buried.

The dark side of magic beckons to Kaelia. It whispers in her ear, seducing her with the promise of yet more power. Having discovered the truth behind the goddess Hel’s connection to Bran the necromancer, Kaelia is finding it increasingly difficult to tell who is on her side and who is against her.

Drawn into an age-long battle, she must fight to protect not only those she loves, but also the humans that her enemies, The Salloki, would devour. Confronting an evil never seen before outside the realms of myth and magic, Kaelia is torn. Should she join with Bran? Is he really as trustworthy as he says?

But trust cuts both ways as Bran too discovers, unearthing both secrets and lies about his true identity. There is also someone he wants to protect above all, even if that price is unleashing upon Mortiswood the fearsome Vanagandr.

As secrets, lies, magic, and emotions weave their tangled web, who will lose their hearts and who will lose their lives?

Sometimes the line between good and evil is so blurred it fails to exist…

About the author:

Gina Dickerson lives by the Thanet coast on the north-eastern tip of Kent within the UK, with her family and bouncy Siberian husky.

Having previously worked for a Local Authority, and been a Systems Supervisor for the departmental database, Gina is now a full-time author and designer. Her books include the dark urban fantasy Mortiswood Tales series, Lies Love Tells - part of the thrilling romantic suspense Eastcove Lies series, dark fairy tales The Pennington Christmas Curse and Always Golden, as well as a collection of her dark short stories, Underleaf.

Gina has also written newspaper articles, and was a fashion and shopping columnist for her local newspaper, as well as having had short stories and poetry published in anthologies. She designs book covers and other promotional material under the name RoseWolf Design, and belongs to the author co-operative Authors Reach.

Twitter: @GinaDWriter