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Branding 360°: Simplified Guide to Practical Branding

About the Book

Title: Branding 360: Simplified Guide to Practical Branding
Author: Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
Genre: Non-Fiction

Branding 360 bring to readers a simplified practical guide to 
branding. It opens up dimensions that even students and experts of 
branding find difficult to implement. 

Topics such as Definition of branding which practically explains the 
subject matter e.g Uniqueness, Distinction and Difference one or 
company must be in branding. 

The difference between Brand Identity and logo design.

How to consider and promote Feedback as a form of brand.
How to deploy Efficiency as form of branding to maximize its practicality and competitive advantage.
How to understand a good corporate brand starts with good investment into employee branding.

Personal branding is handled as the denominator of holistic branding.
The use of social media to handle one's character as product.
Transformation Messages to spur you on with the knowledge and depth acquired from this book.

Some will call this book holistic branding, others might call it branding made simple but it is indeed Branding 360, meaning all rounded and all seasoned branding, made simple and practicable



Distinction can be looked at in two key forms, DIFFER and UNIQUE.
In branding rule number one, you must be able to define exactly that difference you are, the difference you want to stand for, and the difference whatever service you want to render or stand for. The cut to fit “difference” is what gives birth to the:

DIFFER: Branding to create distinction is characterized with the difference you make. Everybody sells koko (porridge), but what is the difference between your koko (porridge), and my koko (porridge)?

Somebody will say okay, I use millet, another person will say I use maize, and yet another probably
uses rice, but it’s the distinction that will draw customers. In a case where two women are selling
millet-porridge, it will take a clear distinction to state the actual difference between them.
Let me quickly give you another example. McDonalds and KFC were not the first of their kind but the difference they stood for brought the distinction which buyers wanted when they patronized their

Today when you mention McDonalds, it quickly syncs with hamburgers which, as at 1940 was only a barbecue joint operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald.

In 1948, they reorganized their business as a hamburger stand using the production line principle.
By 1948 there were other people in the hamburger business but they chose to be quite different and
created a distinction (niche) for themselves. When you mention KFC- Kentucky Fried Chicken, it syncs with fast food and a clear distinction with chicken. Harland Sanders founded a new form of fast food with chicken using a said 11 recipe by Sanders during the American depression, which was an era when hamburger was domineering. We are now in an era of smartphones.
Sometime ago in the cellular phones generation; we all know how Nokia was a leading giant. We could say their durability was their niche and distinction, as well as their battery life-span.

UNIQUE: That is the unique part of every human being. It can be considered as your signature DNA.   Whatever you give birth to, your uniqueness for which reason you gave birth to whatever it is must
show. You can’t say you are a football administrator if you don’t love football. It will never blend. You can’t say I want to invest into football but I don’t love football. What you don’t have uniqueness about, it’s very difficult to make an impact on it.

If you look at the way nursing was branded before it became a profession or a career, somebody
fought all the odds, and actually added something unique to it, and that is exactly what Florence
Nightingale did. She left her luxurious home to go into the trenches, so one can say nursing
profession was built from the trenches, from the war front or battlefield, where people had virtually
given up, or had no hope, and gross despondency was the reality.
It was from these same grounds she started from, which got her to be christened “The lady of the lamp.” Meaning, where people wouldn’t dare to go, she did. It was her uniqueness that changed the face of nursing.

While very brief and can be read quite quickly, this is more than just an amazing business book.
The information and examples contained within cover the lessons and requirements of successfull brands better than most full weekend business seminars. Also explained is how branding is more than a name and a logo. The associations formed by a company AND by their spokespeople plus the actions of their employees all are meaningful representations of a brand.
Branding applies on a personal level as well. There is a wonderful section on social media and how individuals can misrepresent and dilute their brands. A favorite quote from the book:
If there were no hope for you in the days ahead, you wouldn't have had life from yesternight into this morning.

This book would be valuable to businesses of all sizes and at all stages.
It should also be required reading for teenagers and young adults.


Transformational Coach/Speaker ~ Media Analyst ~ Author ~ 

Revenue Authority (GRA) and blessed with a beautiful daughter Nkunim Nana Afua Yeboah and a
cute boy Ngosra Nana Kwasi Yeboah.
He is a known face on many media platforms, GTV’s Counseling Session, Adinkafo ayebi, Break Fast Show, TV Africa’s - New Generation, Viasat 1- Paper review, CRTV’s - Morning Dew, Shalom TV’s - Start up, Obonu FM - Generational Hour, Radio Gold -African Safari  ATV, Capital Tv, Radio XYZ, Neat fm, Radio Universe - Student Parliament, GFM radio UK etc.

Educational Background 

He is a Micro-computer technologist and Electrical/Electronics engineer certified by City & Guilds
Institute of London – UK. And his expertise includes computer hardware & software; repairing,
upgrading and installation, Microelectronics and Honeywell intruder alarm systems. He attended
Koforidua Sec-Tech (Mmarima Mma - Abusua Kesie) He is member of National Society of Black
Engineers (NSBE) and a graduate of Life Design Integrated program (VISTAR), a self-actualization & transformation training and coaching program. (Trainers: Dr. Carolyn “Isis” Fuqua, Bettie Spruil, Sue Hawkes and Joyce Christie-all of USA)

Work  Experience:  

He is currently the founder and Lead consultant for Zoweh Global Consult & Golden City Business
Magazine, the President of Koforidua Sectech Old Students Association (Alumni)
He was a broadcast journalist with Media 7 operators of shalom Tv, CRTV and Wassaman TV.
He worked with Debill Services Ltd, and later raised to the position head of technical department, where he supervised the control room, installations and maintenance of all kinds of intruder alarm devices and any ICT related issues.

Before he became a specialist in ICT and Intruder alarm systems, he spent four years as a tutor at
Presbyterian Women's Vocational Institute-Begoro. He taught Entrepreneurship Skills Training, Batik & tie-dye making, mathematics, AJTC (attachment Job-placing tracer-study & counselling).He was the Staff Rep to the board of directors, a member of the disciplinary committee and financial secretary of the welfare association.

Workshops and Trainings:

He was at several workshops organized by VTF (Vocational Training for Female) Secretariat
such as Communication skills, Baseline survey & strategic planning, training on the constitution of Ghana.
Working Ethics, Accessing & modification of EST syllabus for Voc/Tech institutes and E.S.T training of trainer.


He is the author of ART OF LIFE and TRANSFORMATIONAL PEARLS, books designed to develop the personality, communication and leadership skills. His latest book is Branding 360°; simplified guide to practical branding.


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