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Love’s Tug of War

Title: Love’s Tug of War
Author: Pauline Parson
Genre: Contemporary Romance

At 41 Paula finds herself on her own in beautiful Arizona. 
She’s a talented comic artist – with a broken heart - a widower that has a chance to discover if she can make it as an cartoonist or fall flat on her face.  Jeb Cotner accepts Paula as his new finish artist for his famous Honky Tonk Man comic strip. She has a chance of a lifetime to learn from the famous syndicated satirist. This job holds the opportunity that could lead to her own comic strip career. Yet, rumors fly that the 75-year-old artist is a cantankerous old man who has an eye for the “young girls”.

With grave doubts, she leaves her quiet life in New England and heads into “cowboy” country with her own comic character, Abby Press, at her side.  Her world is turned upside down by two handsome brothers, neighbors of Jeb Cotner, who vie for her attention. Her sexual desires awaken, something so new to the young woman that it sends her to heights that she had long forgotten existed. She plays a dangerous game of “Tug of War” as her heart is torn between the two men.

I picked up a currycomb and started brushing Amber’s beautiful coat that was now all dusty from the 
walk home. I was picking out his hooves when Les came back. He leaned against the stable door 
watching me. “He’s very quiet with you, like he was with Cora,” he remarked then came in and took 
over finishing cleaning Amber’s hooves.

“You are going to ruin your suit pants and shirt,” I mentioned, “never mind those shoes.”

“And you’ve gotten your good pants and silk shirt completely horse hair,” he looked up, glancing at 
my “going to shopping” clothes. AND you’ve completely ruined your good sandals. Careful Amber 
doesn’t step on your feet! As Jeb would say, READ THE SIGN!” Les pointed to above the barn’s 
entranceway where a sign read PROPER ATTIRE REQUIRED OR STAY OUT!

I couldn’t help it, I laughed long and hard. “One more rule of his I’ve broken! Please squeal on me 
and I’ll squeal on you!” I patted Amber on the nose, “Good night, beautiful.” I opened the stall door. 
Les followed me out. I looked up at the clock hanging above the tack room door, it was 11 p.m. I was tired. Good god, I had to be up early for my six o’clock fishing date! 

Les latched the door and came over to where I was leaning against the stall wall watching the horse 
munch on his hay. The handsome architect’s closeness bothered my sexual senses, even above the 
smell of the barn, he smelled nice. The warmth of his body felt pleasant as he leaned past me 
hanging up the horse’s harness. I felt him move close to me. I turned sideways looking into his deep 
brown eyes. His eyes told me everything I needed to know. I felt his arm slide around my waist 
bringing me closer. He bent down to kiss me.

Author Bio

Pauline lived in New England most of her life.  She grew up in the hills of northwest Connecticut, did her college on Maine’s beautiful coast and spent her early-married years in Massachusetts.  
She later returned to her Connecticut roots. She settled in with her husband, two boys and a big Great Dane on a small “gentleman’s farm” in the mountains (yes there are mountains in Connecticut) for 33 years. During those years, they raised goats, geese, turkeys, chickens and a mischievous horse named Midnight Madness. After the boys grew up and had lives of their own, Pauline and her husband moved to Central Florida. Ever since the kids were little they had loved Disney- they are now only 20 minutes from the parks and visit often. She lives a quiet life writing fiction and motorcycling with her husband whenever she can find the time. Her two cats and fun loving miniature beagle keep life interesting.

This is Pauline’s first foray into a Romance type genre. (Her SciFi, Fantasy, Racing and Motorcycling books are published under a different pen name) “I always wanted to write books about women coming into their own while fighting adversity and finding meaningful relationships. My women characters are always strong and independent and in “Tug of War” I continue with Paula finding the courage and independence to find her own way.”

Don’t miss Pauline’s next romance, coming soon, 
“Love’s Passion Perfect”.

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