Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fright-Fall Read-a-thon October 5 - 11 Day Seven (wrap-up)

I am still reading!! 

If you saw my previous post about trying to choose books to read for this challenge, you will see I was choosing by author, genre, title, cover and by whatever caught my eye as I was shopping (both virtualy and  hands on.)

I successfully completed five books that fit the challenge
(OK, one may have been a children's picture book)
and made good progress on 3 others, including Miss Peregrine.
I also managed to watch a couple of classic horror movies, visit as many of your blog posts as I could find,  and am reading a very cool ARC for author Randi Alexander with psychic and ghostly elements. I am sure I can share more about this after it is published. You WILL want to read it.

Please comment and tell me the favorite book you have read this past week and any new titles you've seen blogged about that you added to your wish list.

Please take a look at my sidebar for other events coming up and join in if you are able.

Hugs and Candy Corn kisses to Michelle
of  Seasons of Reading

for this great week and read-a-thon.

Check in with her often and see what she has next for us.

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  1. Sounds like you really took the spooky theme to heart. Good for you! I read Spirit Legacy. Stop by my blog to read my review. Happy Halloween!


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