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Fright-Fall readathon October 5 - 11 Day ONE

With Halloween being my very favorite holiday, who can't love a day (or weekend) where you can BE anyone or thing your heart desires, and Halloween books being amongst my very favorite genres, (as if I could choose a favorite,) I am excited to be taking part in the Seasons of Reading  FrightFall Read-a-thon for the next seven days.

The toughest part was choosing which of my favorite books to share with you.
I have several I reread each year, and others that I am finding this year and looking forward to reading for the first time. I hope that you visit all of the bloggers taking part in the FrightFall Read-a-thon and find some new favorite reading of your own.

I apologize in advance for formatting issues my blog is experiencing.

One of my very favorite family friendly authors has several series that have a great time with Halloween, as well as every other holiday. Here is a look at the NEW books coming from Kathi Daley this year.     

If Thanksgiving is among your favorite FALL holidays, Kathi Daley also has storylines that include turkey day fun and EACH of her books includes delicious recipes.

I suggest you begin each series from the very beginning and luckily for us, two of her most popular series began with Halloween novels.

Pumpkins in Paradise (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries Book 1) 

If you are as much of a Halloween addict as I am, if you enjoy reading about small towns and the true characters that live in them, find a comfortable corner to curl up in and become part of the action in Paradise Lake with T.J. and her family and friends.
T.J. Jensen lives with her father and Grandfather at a lake resort owned by the family.
Her mother recently died and T.J. inherits two young half-sisters. Being a Halloween nut herself, what better way to enjoy the holiday than with children. It makes one feel less conspicuous about acting childlike.  Unfortunately, a friend of T.J.'s is discovered dead and she investigates to find the cause.
There is more than one mystery to be solved in this first book of the series. I enjoyed the settings, the residents, and solving each puzzle as it comes up. This is a family friendly read with tense moments. 

We return to Paradise Lake in book six of the series, Halloween in Paradise.

We see a lot of growth in T.J. as she takes on more responsibility at home and on the job.
She is involved coaching, mentoring girls, and organizing her ten year class reunion.
Making life more difficult is a tv reporter digging into a cold case murder involving T.J.'s senior class and secrets they all would like to keep buried. Teenage angst, cyber bullying, a budding romance for T.J. all play against the backdrop of the cold case murder and the unwanted investigation.

Kathi Daley's most popular series to date is about Zoe Donovan and friends in Ashton Falls.

Recently we were treated to an anniversary edition of Zoe's first story with BONUS recipes!
Ashton Falls feels like the perfect small town in which to live.  Being the first in a series, we need to discover the town and the people before major action begins.  Kathi Daley writes so you feel at home among friends.  In this case, when we discover there has been a murder of someone not well liked by others, as you put together the clues you will be holding your breathe and rooting for people NOT to be guilty.  You won't want to leave Ashton Falls.

It is a good thing that we get to visit Zoe and friends again for the weeks before Thanksgiving in

The Trouble With Turkeys as she helps her friend Jeremy at a turkey farm.

October 10th there will be a Facebook Halloween party - you are invited!

We catch up with Halloween in Ashton Falls in two other books of this series.


  1. Thank you Laura. I'm so happy that you enjoy the books!

  2. Hey Laura! Those look like some fun books. Enjoy the read-a-thon.

  3. Love all of Kathi's books! Just finished The Legend of Tabby Hollow and Ghostly Graveyard! Must reads! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Laura, I'm right there with you. I love Kathi's books and eagerly await each new addition to their respective series. Her books actually introduced my youngest daughter to the cozy mystery genre.

  5. The books sound pretty good. Do you know the age range for them? I was reading the excerpt and it looks like maybe teen? But I could be wrong. Have fun with this years #FrightFall read-a-thon.

    1. Thanks for asking Autumn. I would say age 12 and up. They are clean reads and the mysteries are fun for all ages. The Seacliff High series features more teens as main characters and is geared towards teen readers, but the Zoe Donovan series also haas a great storyline involving middle schoolers and teens.


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