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Ryan's Letters

Ryan’s Letters
by Jax Jillian

Release Date - September 29, 2015
Contemporary Romance
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My dearest Larkin.

Help me.

I'm drowning.

It has been almost eight months since the love of his life, Larkin, passed, and Ryan Boone has tried to make good on his promise to her to keep living. The letters she left behind had helped him tremendously, but all of a sudden, he felt like he was drowning and only she could save him. 
The only way he could think to reach out to her was to write her letters, just like she did to him. 

He never thought that she would actually get them; after all, she was gone. But when he sees her sitting on their private dune reading his letter, his grief would never be the same.

Ryan's Letters, the sequel to Jax Jillian's first novel, Larkin's Letters, takes readers on a journey with Ryan Boone as he struggles to completely come to terms with his wife's death. That struggle becomes even harder when Larkin's ghost comes to visit him each time he writes to her. But when Lux, a beautiful new doctor, moves in next door and befriends Ryan, he must choose between Larkin's visits and a potential new love.

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I strongly suggest you read the first book, Larkin's Letters first.  Allow that to sink in and get your emotions under control before continuing on with ryan's Letters.
This is about everlsting unconditional love; about appreciating life, love amd relationships no matter what life throws at you.  It is about continuing to live even when you can't remember how.
Larkin again steals the story. Her letters reach your heart deeper than any others.

Ryan intends to make good on his promises but he can't seem to get out of his own way.
He is afraid to move on, believing he will lose the love he and Larkin shared.
Lux comes with her own baggage.  She is looking for a fresh start when she can't continue to live with guilt and rejection.  Can they help each other or is each too lost in personal pain?

Another wonderfully emotional experience from author Jax Jillian.
I did receive a copy to review.

The first book

As Ryan Boone struggles to come to grips with not being able to keep a promise he made to his dying wife, Larkin's Letters propels readers into the mind of Ryan as he struggles with frequent visits from her ghost and a series of letters she left behind.

Ryan has worked hard to become one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors, but no matter how famous he became, he always remained loyal to his childhood best friend, Larkin James. When Larkin is diagnosed with leukemia, Ryan sacrifices his career to be by her side and in turn realizes how much he had always loved her. 

Throughout Larkin's sickness, Ryan promised her he would never let her die alone. But we learn that not all of our promises are always within our control.

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 This is a solid full five star read but I will add tissue warnings.

You can read my full review here
From the very beginning you uinderstand how sad this novel will be. 
The important part is to read beneath the sadness and grab the joy.
Discover the power of love.
Larkin James was fortunate to grow up next door to Ryan Boone. Although a year apart in age they became best friends. When Ryan takes off to pursue his dream of becoming a famous and wealthy actor, he still finds time to attend every significant event in Larkin's life.

When Larkin finds out she is seriously ill, she does not tell Ryan at first. Instead she begins writing a  series of letters both to help her stay strong and to understand what is most important in life.
The book is alternately told from present time and through Larkin's Letters.
You'll find yourself wishing the supply of letters is endless.
Be prepared to feel anger along with the sadness but don't miss the positive emotions and lessons this book offers.

About The Author

I am a 38-year old novelist living in Philadelphia.  It wasn’t until I was 34 when I realized that I wanted to write a novel.  Better late than never, right?  

My first book, Larkin’s Letters, was published and released June 25, 2013 by Tate Publishing, and the sequel, Ryan’s Letters, was released on 
September 29, 2015.

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