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10 bits of Wisdom from the Shoe Shine Guy Review

About the Book

10 BITS COVERTitle: 10 Bits of Wisdom from the Shoe Shine Guy
Author: John Early
Genre: Spiritual / Inspirational
John Early worked in the corporate world for over 25 years. From the outside looking in, it seemed as though he had it all: the beautiful family, the magnificent home, the nice cars and great vacations, the fabulous income with the big 401k. He had what most would consider the American Dream. This was John’s idea of a dream, and this dream was all about him. Then suddenly, in an instant, like the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus, John had an encounter with God that transformed his life forever. John takes the reader through that transformation and the total impact it had on not only his life, but on the lives of those around him, especially those closest to him-his wife and children. He lays out the 10 key bits of wisdom that were instrumental in reconciling and rebuilding those broken relationships. His road on this journey is paved with: Knowing your purpose, Character, Attitude, Goals, Teamwork and Trust, Respect, Courage, Regrets, Reconciliation, and Grace. This book shows all of us, no matter our circumstances or how dark our days may seem, that God is brighter still. Let God start to transform your life.

When I first started thinking about writing this book, 10 Bits of Wisdom from the Shoe Shine Guy, I was thinking about the ten bits from the standpoint of a businessman, someone who had spent 30-plus years in the business world and who could convey some of the attributes that were beneficial to him in his career.
That all changed when I actually sat down and began to convey my thoughts onto paper.
The ten bits of wisdom: Know Your Purpose, Character, Attitude, Goals, Teamwork & Trust, Respect, Courage, Regrets, Reconciliation, and Grace all took on a whole new meaning for me. So much so that
I had to change the title of the book and add A Transformed Life.
How do I begin to explain a transformation? How on earth do I try to explain a radical transformation? I can’t. There is no way to convey the actual thoughts, emotions, feelings, and nuances that make up the changes that took place in my heart, my soul, and my mind after accepting Jesus Christ into my life.
My hope is that by writing all of this down on paper I will be able to give you a little bit of insight into what did occur in my life and that it is absolutely possible in yours.
God’s timing is inscrutable to all of us. Why He waited 49 years to bring me to my knees will always be a mystery to me. The fact that He actually waited that long for me to finally reach out and accept His grace tells me that He loves me beyond reason. He loves all of us more than we could ever begin to fathom. I believe that sometimes the Lord will wait until we are at the end of ourselves to reach out and take hold of us."

When an author writes a book, or even when a blogger blogs, they have no idea who will be reading their words.
They hope it is seen and read by many and positively received. There are no guarantees, just as there are no guarantees in business success or in life.  Another thing an author has no control over is what a reader takes away from their writing or how it affects that individual.
In case the promotional information is not clear, this book is religious in tone but the author is not pushing his beliefs upon anyone.  This is a very personal story of success that lacked true depth and meaning until personal transformation saved John's life and gave him a new direction. John lets us into some secrets regarding his life and those of his family. Along the way John also shares really more than ten bits of wisdom in a very relatable voice.  

Did the book affect me the way the author hoped? Did John really have specific expectations for his readers?  John's goal is to touch people with his words, with his service business, and to offer an open hand, but not to push. Not to remove your freedom of choice.
I liked the quotes and ideas of other great thinkers scattered among these pages.

As I was reading I found myself wondering how lives that had similar beginnings can turn out so very, very differently.  I know that going forward I will recall ideas expressed in this book and apply them to my present situations.  I was given this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

Author Bio

J EARLY PROFILE PICJohn moved to Houston, Texas in 1980 at the age of 21. He worked in sales for a manufacturers rep firm selling oil equipment. Sales territory was most of South Texas, driving 4000-5000 miles per month. John had the opportunity to call on customers that were located in remote areas of South Texas as well as the corporate offices of some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world located Houston, Texas.
In 1986 he moved back to Michigan and went to work as a mortgage consultant for a small mortgage company, Tranex Financial and worked there for 13 years. Starting out as a mortgage consultant he moved into training then became an officer of the company and eventually bought the firm. In 1998, he merged Tranex into the Hantz Financial Group.
He worked with Hantz Financial as a Vice President and financial consultant until December of 2010 focusing on marketing and client relationships. His team assisted high net worth clients with their tax planning, estate planning, investment strategies and business owner concerns. Providing advice to clients who needed sophisticated financial planning. While at Hantz Financial the company grew from 100 employees to over 500 and John was able to help build one of the largest practices within the firm.
In April of 2011 he created The Shoe Shine Guys. A mobile shoe shine service that started with an idea, one truck and a handful of clients. He now has three vehicles, a full service cobbler store and hundreds of clients. His company continues to add new clients every month and receive calls at least once a quarter about expanding to other parts of the country.
John attended Saginaw Valley State University. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Janet, for more than 32 years and they have two grown children, a son in law, and a grandson.
A sports enthusiast, John was an avid handball player for over 20 years (new titanium knee and work have sidelined him for a while) and was the Canadian national doubles champion in 1999.


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