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Night Music by Larry Dunlap

IMAGINE YOU LIVE IN INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA in the early 60s and you love singing with your buddies just for fun until you are suddenly dropped into the San Francisco music scene just before the summer of 1965. You can stay if you can find a way to turn your singing group into a rock and roll band in less than a week! And if you're willing to sacrifice and leave everything else you love behind.
NIGHT PEOPLE, an intimate literary memoir, follows the first three, of six, years in the life of a young singer and three vocalist friends as they strive for success in a coming-of-age music and romance-filled journey in mid-60s California and Las Vegas. As Larry and his friends survive their first challenge they begin a rise to unexpected highs and plunge into spirit-breaking lows that will make them the model for Three Dog Night, take them to dangerous mob-run nightclubs, Las Vegas showrooms and backrooms, and famous Hollywood nightclubs. Ahead for them are celebrity managers, famous recording studios, and passionate romance. Everything Larry thought he knew about life will be challenged, as he tries to adapt to a new way of life, a new companion and lover, and the things he finds, and loses, in the tumultuous nights he now inhabits.
Author Bio
IN THE YEARS FOLLOWING HIS MEMOIR, Larry inhabited the streets of Hollywood as an artist manager, publisher, and Sunset Boulevard recording studio owner/operator. In the Eighties Larry was a founder of the first digital broadcasting network on cable television, followed by several years in video and film production, and post production. Larry went on to earn his bones as a pencil-for-hire technical and training writer for Fortune 50 companies. He is a published short story author, music magazine columnist, and authored and drew a published music-based cartoon strip named Frets. Currently Larry writes fiction and narrative non-fiction from his home near the mountains east of Los Angeles.
NIGHT PEOPLE, Book 1 - Things We Lost in the Night, A Memoir of Love and Music in the 60s with Stark Naked and the Car Thieves is a current AMAZON #1 BEST SELLER in POP ARTIST BIOGRAPHY, and available in Kindle and Paperback at The concluding volume, ENCHANTED, Book 2 is slated for release in early 2016.


How does a band get a name like Stark Naked and the Car Thieves?
Make a smart remark in the wrong place and show up for work to find your future changed.
An enthralling memoir of a classic era among American rock and roll history.
I did, at points, wonder if Larry's recollection of certain events was a bit revisionist, but no matter. I was caught up in his story and relationships and couldn't walk away before the end.
I will pick up the second volume.

Free love, cheap and plentiful drugs but tough times to break into a life altering business.
Although in their 20s, these guys from Indiana were not prepared for life in California and beyond.
It takes more than musical talent just to survive, to even get a chance to prove your worth.
We travel along through the group's struggles with family and relationships, in-fighting between band members, crooked management and empty promises.

If you were alive in the era, or if you have interest in the entertainment or music industries, you will enjoy reading about the tumultuous beginnings of Larry's music career. You will get a flash view of the seedy underbelly of the times. My parents would never have been as supportive. 
I do read memoirs and this one is very well written. I was glad Larry also shared his love of reading and trying new things. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this adventure.

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  1. Thanks for your generous comments, Laura. I saw it on the Amazon Reader reviews but hadn't seen your blog until I stumbled across your blog. I'm happy I get a chance to thank you personally. Your support of authors is a wonderful thing. I like your site a lot, and wish you the very best.


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