Monday, August 7, 2017

Dear Maggie by Rachael Brownell


Dear Maggie, Love Advice Series
from Award-Winning Author Rachael Brownell
RomCom/Contemporary Romance

Releasing on iBooks beginning 8/20
Releasing on Amazon beginning 8/23
(one book per day until all 5 books are available)

Lauren Norton has never been in love. When it comes to relationships, she’s far from the expert her new job demands she becomes. Smart and witty, Lauren takes control of the situation, signing up for a dating website to conduct a little research. She may have been thrust into her situation, but she’ll fake it until she makes it… or fail miserably should someone realize the real Maggie isn’t offering her usual wit and wisdom.
Kyle Long is still healing after his fiancée left him at the altar last spring. Headed further down the rabbit hole, his sister, Hope, steps in and takes control of his love life. Her first move? Ask Maggie, the local expert on everything love related. To get his sister off his back, Kyle promises to give Maggie's advice a chance, no matter what it is. 
*Each episode follows the advice given by Lauren to readers who submitted questions. Find out if they listen to her and how their stories turned out.

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Love Advice, Episodes 1 & 2:

Love Advice, Episodes 3 & 4:

Love Advice, Episodes 5 & 6:

Love Advice, Episodes 7 & 8:

A light hearted romance that rises from the ashes. It starts with two main characters that have never had luck with love, one having been jilted at the alter. Neither one's life is going according to plan, even though each enjoys a deal of success. Fortunately for each, they have a strong, sometimes overbearing, support person. 
Lauren thinks she has landed a dream position only to find herself the anonymous author of advice to the lovelorn. She admits the irony. She decides to re-enter the dating world for experience and empathy. The description of her dates is both painful and hilarious. 
Kyle has removed himself from real life and involvement with people altogether. At least when forced to take action he finds the strength to put his true self out there. All is not happily ever after or smooth sailing just by taking that first risk. It was enjoyable to watch them both stumble and recover.

You will laugh and cry as you care about each character. You'll eagerly await each new letter knowing it could reflect something happening in Lauren and Kyle's relationship. Possibly even your own life.

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