Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A FATAL COLLECTION (Keepsake Cove Mystery #1) by Mary Ellen Hughes

A Fatal Collection (A Keepsake Cove Mystery) by Mary Ellen Hughes

Cozy Mystery 1st in Series Setting - 
Maryland Midnight Ink (November 8, 2017) 
Paperback: 264 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-0738752198 

Callie Reed makes a long overdue visit to her aunt Melodie, who lives in a fairy-tale cottage in quaint Keepsake Cove, home to a bevy of unique collectible shops on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Just as they're beginning to reconnect, Callie discovers her aunt's body on the floor of her music box shop. Grief-stricken, Callie finds she can't accept Melodie's death being called accidental. How could her strong and healthy aunt take such a fatal fall? And why was she there in the middle of the night?
As Callie searches for the truth, signs seem to come from her late aunt through a favorite music box, urging Callie on. Or are they warnings? If Callie isn't careful, she could meet a similar deadly fate amid Melodie's collection.

 I am always excited when favored authors begin a new series.
This one has so many elements that I love including a community of shop keepers with specialty items, making them a small town to themselves. The shops have personalities as do the shopkeepers.
I felt all started out innocent enough, giving a gentle introduction when wham! On the first night, dear Aunt Mel is murdered. Callie's life is disrupted and she is given a fresh start, just not one she was prepared for. 
The readers get to know the community alongside Callie as she deals with her aunt's death, some suspicious and antagonistic behaviors from various community members, and maybe a couple of eligible bachelors. I suspected several people of being capable of murder.
When all is revealed in the end I was satisfied with the results but I can't say I have a clear vision of where this series is headed. And that is fine as I eagerly anticipate being surprised.

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About The Author
  Mary Ellen Hughes is the bestselling author of the Pickled and Preserved Mysteries (Penguin), the Craft Corner Mysteries, and the Maggie Olenski Mysteries, along with several short stories.
A Fatal Collection is her debut with Midnight Ink.
A Wisconsin native, she has lived most of her adult life in Maryland, where she’s set many of her stories.
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