Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Success With Goals

Success With Goals:
Designing Your Life 
With PurposePublished by Outskirts Press
The average person spends more time making grocery lists than setting goals… So is it any wonder that most people live lives of quiet desperation and never fulfill their dreams? This New book outlines a goal-setting system to help people achieve their version of success and design their lives in a more purposeful way.

The decisions people make each day, both good and bad, shape their lives. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about many of their daily decisions, and subconscious programing can lead to mindless habits. With this lack of focus on direction, is it any wonder that people are frustrated with their lives?
Success starts with a vision; but a vision without a plan is just a dream. Success With Goals shares a goal-setting process that the author has been using and refining for over 25 years—one that has had a profound impact on his life. It’s a process he’s taught to thousands of employees and clients, helping them transform their lives.
“When you know exactly what you want in life—and apply this amazing process—you’ll find yourself developing into the kind of person you needed to become, to succeed at levels you’ve never imagined,” Whitmoyer explains. “Using the tools in this book, you will be consciously making decisions that will help you design your life with purpose. Reprogram your thoughts and ideas with the kind of focus and intention that will have you driving toward the goals you’ve always wanted to achieve. The kind of goals that change your life!”
This book emphasizes the rewards of setting and achieving large goals—not just becoming rich, losing weight, or getting a promotion. With direction and focus, the real reward in structured goal-setting is in personal growth—growth that pays dividends for many years, long after goals are achieved.

If you visit my bookshelves you will see that I read motivational material regularly. 
These days it takes more to impress me. Eric Whitmoyer has achieved that with this new book on setting and achieving life goals. Many of the concepts you have heard before. Eric gives a great deal of credit to Jack Canfield, among others. That is because if applied they will work - given one stays the course. With the use of analogies which get the point across and help us remember the concepts, in a pleasant conversational voice Eric gives us a map to follow and encourages the reader to seek support along the route.

Getting started is the most difficult part, backsliding happens much quicker. Preparation and focus give you traction for the long haul, yet all the planning won't help unless you act consistently. Eric explains the need for strong WHY and Life Purpose statements. 
He offers 10 Easy Steps to goal creation with short, succinct chapters and additional resources and stresses the need for emotional anchors.

Let me suggest you do not skip the final 15 pages of the book.
Eric Whitmoyer is a highly accomplished “no-nonsense” executive, life coach, public speaker, author, and business consultant. He is an Advanced Certified Trainer in the “Success Principles” material and methodologies by the prestigious Jack Canfield Organization, and his winning strategies for success have transformed struggling organizations into highly profitable, elite sales teams. 
Eric is most proud of his beautiful wife Lidia and their two wonderful children. Prior to starting a family, he was a world-ranked US Kickboxing Champion from 1994 to 1995. 
He also served nine years in the Army National Guard and was awarded the Army Achievement Medal twice in his military career.

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