Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cynthia D'Alba Texas Bosa Nova

Texas Bossa Nova
by Cynthia D'Alba
Series: Texas Montgomery Mavericks, #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 31, 2015

He plans to take the wander right out of her wanderlust.

Magda Hobbs’s job as ranch housekeeper—and its daily dose of cowboys—wreaked havoc on her libido. Especially one certain cowboy she couldn't resist. Scared of going down the same path as her mother, Magda jumped on her motorcycle and hit the road.

Five months later, her father’s mild heart attack has forced her back to Whispering Springs. While she’s grateful for the cleaning job at one of the Montgomery ranch houses, she’s not so thrilled one of the cowboys she’s looking after is the one she fell for last spring.

Reno Montgomery’s parents hiring a housekeeper for him and his brother is a nice surprise, but he’s shocked to discover it’s Magda, the woman who up and left just when things were getting serious between them.

When a freak snowstorm cuts off the outside world, the isolation rekindles their desire. But when the weather and the roads clear, Reno has to work hard and fast to keep the woman of his dreams from accelerating right out of his life again.

Warning: Contains a woman born with a bad case of wanderlust, and a cowboy determined to show her that life’s a dance that doesn't have to two-step her out of his life.

Love those Montgomerys!
And the very strong women who are part of their lives.

Magda returns to town and finds things have changed a bit in the months she was gone.
Her father has had a heart attack which opens her eyes to the fact that she had best appreciate him while she has the chance. It also opens his eyes to not letting the love of his life get away.
Will Magda learn the same lesson?

Circumstances throw an opportunity in Magda's path that lead to her living under the same roof as Reno. And then removes the one thing keeping them apart - his twin brother.
Things are going to heat up even when the power goes out.

Never a dull moment in this series and while each book is extremely satisfying, at the end we are always ready for more.

I am thankful I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.
My recommendation is you will want to read every book she writes.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cynthia D'Alba started writing on a challenge from her husband in 2006 and discovered having imaginary sex with lots of hunky men was fun. She was born and raised in a small Arkansas town. After being gone for a number of years, she's thrilled to be making her home back in Arkansas living in a vine-covered cottage on the banks of an eight-thousand acre lake. When she's not reading or writing or plotting, she's doorman for her two dogs, cook, housekeeper and chief bottle washer for her husband and slave to a noisy, messy parrot. She loves to chat online with friends and fans.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Seachange @ Work Review

Title: Seachange @ Work: Discover what a 
difference an energised day makes!
Author: Linda James
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help, Mind, Body and Spirit

Seachange @ Work brings ancient wisdom and  energy techniques into the modern workplace 
to reshape our work habits, rejuvenate the work environment and create more personal energy. Author Linda Mary James has tailored this book for the 21st century workplace so the 
concepts can be incorporated seamlessly into the daily routine.
Linda shows readers how to track and manage their energy levels throughout the working day. 
She also looks afresh at the modern corporate environment, introducing the concept of the 
energy system of a business to illustrate the importance of a well-balanced workplace. 

Seachange @ Work is structured around a typical working day. The book starts with the journey to work, takes readers through their 

• Arrive at work feeling fresh and ready to take on the day

• Understand the chakra energy of your business

• Identify key areas that would benefit from an increase in energy flow  

• Easily introduce the beneficial effects of colour, gemstones/crystals, essential oils, flower 

• See working relationships from a different angle

• Arrive home with energy to enjoy the rest of day

Each chapter provides clear, easy-to-follow guidance 5 minute exercises designed to help readers gain a greater awareness of their environment and develop the basic skills to sense and work with the energy around them. In this practical and engaging book, Linda James shows how, with small adjustments, readers will bring authentic, positive changes and increased energy to their working day.
While not an in depth study about training your energy, this book is more about raising one's awareness of personal energy and how to energize daily work life.Included is a wonderful introduction to chakras and the benefit of energy balance and flow.There is a brief description of the auric field and how it is influenced by surrounding energies.Simple 5 minute exercises to balance and energize chakras are included.Part 2 contains more on awareness and paying attention to intuition."Create, not control, your day."What you ask for, you do receive in time but not always in ways you think or desire.Change of any kind ignites emotions and emotions are energy.Concepts are repeated and rephrased to allow each reader to absorb the information.Part 3 was full of more specific information on how energy around you can affect your energy and health. Directions are given for cleansing and there is a discussion about various energy practices. All five senses are involved.Part 4 advises on ways to wrap up your work day energetically.The book is extremely well indexed.It is a valuable addition to my library to which I will return again and again.I did receive a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

The more Linda learnt about energy healing and spiritual wisdom, the 
more she discovered that we can incorporate it into our working life. 
She found that we can experience our working day in a more positive 
and energised way. Linda’s desire is to take ancient wisdom and energy 
techniques to the business world in a way that workers, managers and 
executives can understand and use to make positive changes for their 
personal wellbeing, the wellbeing of the staff and their colleagues, and 
the health of the business itself. 

Linda Mary James was born in England, and spent time in Toronto, 
Canada before moving to live and work in Sydney, Australia. In writing 
Seachange @ Work Linda draws on more than 30 years’ management 
experience and concurrently over 15 years energy healing experience. 

She is a Certified Energy Healer, Holistic Counsellor and Transformational Life Coach, 
writer and teacher of inspirational courses in Sydney, Australia.





Twitter:  Linda James @ LindaJa37222250