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"Revelations From Outside the Box" by Peter Schmedding

Title: Revelations from Outside the Box
Author: Peter Schmedding

Genre: Mind, Body & Spirit

How often do we wish we could say what we really feel in our guts? 
Do we ever feel free from restraints that stifle our true emotions and 
thoughts into oblivion? How long will we remain in denial of the effects 
of our evermore toxic world?

Revelations from Outside the Box brings into our awareness the 
unknown traps that secretly compromise our view of reality, undermine 
our conversations and ever so often lead to disagreements and hostility. 

This book questions what we perceive and accept as reality. Relating a string of events that were 
observed in real life report factors, although they are the causes of untold, needless suffering, that we commonly ignore.

In the introduction to Revelations from Outside the Box we already get a glance of what the book is 
trying to tell us. An episode shows how a family of three people live in the same household and, by 
closer examination, in the way they see each other are miles apart. It also suggests how a simple 
adjustment not only prevents such estrangement but rather fosters a sound and productive 
relationship, in this case, between father and son.

Beyond the primary purpose this book describes certain arcane happenings of the human mind. 
It asks the question, could it be that there is a wellspring of wisdom that could benefit us all? 
A hypothetical time travel over a couple of hundreds of years gives us yet more food for us thinking 
outside the box.

The Galileos of our time.  In 1610, Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer published his findings that the earth moves around the sun. With the aid of an improved new telescope, he had gathered the 
evidence by observing the phases on Venus and the moving moons of Saturn. 
This supported without doubt the earlier discoveries of Polish astronomer Copernicus. 

At that time, the idea that the sun moved around the earth, which was then considered the centre of 
the universe, was an accepted fact. It crashed head-on with Galileo’s model. 
Religious authorities saw this as an opposition to the Holy Scriptures, and in 1633 called Galileo before the inquisition, and accused him of heresy. Consequently, Galileo had to withdraw his findings and was confined to house arrest for the remainder of his life. 

History has a habit of repeating itself. 

Not so much behind closed doors as behind closed minds a revolution is taking place. It puts a new 
understanding on everything that concerns our beliefs, consciousness and reality. 
Previously, rather unknown names joined the ever-growing numbers of scientists, thinkers and innovators threatening to upset our common worldview. This may introduce a new paradigm into the fate of mankind altogether. 

“The universe is a symphony of vibrating strings,” declared quantum physicist D. Michio Kaku. 
Professor Brian Greene, a theoretical physicist, wrote a 400-page book on String Theory, a theory 
that promises to become the most prominent theory since General Relativity. He explains how the 
Hadron Collider might one day reveal that string theory with its extra dimensions is supported by 
evidence. Dr John Hagelin, a particle physicist, explains how we are all connected, reminding us of 
Carl Jung’s Universal Unconscious. 

The insights of this revolution lie within the subatomic field and, therefore, as a rule most of us are 
not able to acquire the relevant knowledge by ourselves. We have to trust those who have spent
their lives investigating such factors. Then it is up to us to take it on trust or discard it as nonsense. 
Either way this is how we create our reality. 
Looking further ahead, however, this new understanding would blaringly expose the absurdities, the tragedies—accepted realities at this time in history—that feed headlines around the globe. Furthermore, it would expose the irresponsible behaviour of our planet’s self-proclaimed most intelligent beings, the human race. 

We cannot expect this new worldview—or rather consciousness view—to take a foothold in society 
in the near future. It is unlikely to be accepted until future generations take hold of it.

While I enjoyed reading this quick collection of thoughts, covering topics both psychological and perhaps psychic as well, giving it a numerical star rating is daunting. I can predict the experiences and thoughts expressed will lead to diverse ratings and acceptance. Near the end of the book, the author admits he expects several "types" of readers, as well as controversial discussion of the concepts covered.

This book is largely autobiographical with some creative license, with stories and metaphors demonstrating functions of the human mind.
"The premise is that bringing those happenings into conscious awareness will enrich our lives."
I appreciated one of the author's terms: psychologically blindfolded,
and his clarification that "words...are only substitutions for something else." Miscommunications occur when words have different meanings to each party. In language use "we abbreviate, we delete, we generalize, we assume." 

There was a more extensive section regarding communications between the author and a man who had a traumatic experience as an ambulance attendant. That story brought to my mind the recent episode of the popular television show Grey's Anatomy, in which the beloved Dr. Shepherd did not survive.
In this book the lesson is that "Lisa was sent to you by God." Her experience was part of God's masterplan. On the TV show, the widow, Dr. Grey, speaks to the attending doctor informing her that her husband was that doctor's "one," the patient who would define her life and career. 

The book has some interesting comments on various mental processes such as NLP and the power of suggestion or interpretation. Also valuable quotes including one from Arthur Schopenhauer (who should be known to faithful viewers of television's The Big Bang Theory): All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is vehemently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self evident.

I think this is a book that needs to be read and reread, then discussed to get full benefit. Some will find opinions expressed to be quite subjective. The processes explained will neither appeal to nor benefit everyone.
After reading this book I hope you have a better understanding of why.

I did receive the book in exchange for an unbiased review.
The subject matter fascinates me

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After working in the media for 25 years, Peter Schmedding
retired and for another 25 years devoted himself to children’s
preparation for adulthood. This fulfilled his lifelong dream to
give to the young the nurture and support that he never
received during his growing up years.
 Paradoxically, it was Peter’s emotionally and academically impoverished childhood that taught him, from the inside out, how such neglect damages
the personality. Later in life Peter studied different philosophies of mental health and psychotherapy. He worked as a counsellor for many years. He lectured and presented papers on respective topics locally and overseas. Now, in his advancing years, he writes from personal experiences in a long and adventurous life.

From Peter’s Life

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Code Grey Cozy Mystery

Code Grey
by Clea Simon

goodreads-badge-add-plusCode Grey: A feline-filled academic mystery (A Dulcie Schwartz Mystery)
Series: A Dulcie Schwartz Mystery (Book 9)
Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Severn House Publishers; First World Publication edition (August 1, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-0727885067

Did a down on his luck former student steal a priceless book? Grad student and cat lover Dulcie Schwartz thinks not and she sets out to prove it”

It is spring break, and Dulcie Schwartz has stayed behind in almost-deserted Cambridge, Massachusetts to concentrate on her thesis. But when a former student turned vagrant, Jeremy Mumbles, is found injured, with a valuable missing book clutched in his arms, Dulcie can t seem to let it go. What was he doing with the book? And why has it turned up after all these years?
With Jeremy now the prime suspect for a series of break-ins in the area, Dulcie is determined to clear the unfortunate former scholar s name. But when she finds a connection between the book he was carrying and her own research into an anonymous Gothic author, the search for clues takes on a new intensity and a new menace.

Not everyone will appreciate this series. I believe I would have rated it higher if I had started from the first Dulcie Schwartz book. For me it was a strong 3.5 stars.

Besides the traditional cozy elements, this series is quite cerebral, more intellectual than many other series. Dulcie, however, remains quite naïve and trusting. She honestly does try to see the best in everyone.
I love learning about many different topics as I read cozies. Cozy authors research the most interesting minute details for us and find the most creative ways to work them into novels.
Code Grey relates fascinating details not only about academic and literary life but also about history of other importance.

I enjoyed Clea Simon's characters, both immediately involved and who appear from a distance.
Her mother, Lucy, is weirdly delightful. I appreciated the telepathic messages from the cats, although Dulcie may not have been interpreting precisely. Esme has some training to do.
Mr. Grey, after whom the book is titled (I assume) was less involved and for someone who has not read the previous books, somewhat obscure. 
While Dulcie needs to be more cautious with her trusting nature, another lesson of this book is about paying more attention and taking notice of people and situations you take for granted.

The writing is very well done and still there are places where the plot seemed to drag.
The conclusion is well worth slogging through those few spots.
I also enjoyed the jumps between the Gothic novel pages Dulcie should be studying, her dreams and her real, dangerous, daily adventures.

Clea Simon is the author of 18 mysteries in the Theda Krakow, DulcieSchwartz, and Pru Marlowe pet noir series. The latter two are ongoingand include her most recent books, Code Grey (Severn House) and Kittens Can Kill (Poisoned Pen Press). A former journalist and nonfiction author, she lives in Somerville, Mass., with her husband, the writer Jon Garelick, and their cat Musetta. She can be reached at

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Love Always Blog Tour

      LA Title LA.Ebook.Amazon
I’ve met boys like him before. Rich. Bored. Always wearing a silver- spooned smile. But there is something different about him that piques my curiosity. The way he looks at me, like he is staring through the bars of a gilded cage he’s never left. Like he is one breath away from suffocating beneath a mound of responsibilities. He is different from the rest because he doesn’t wear his money… his money wears him. I just don’t think he knows it yet.
She’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She’s everything I’ve never been able to be. Carefree. Whimsical. A dreamer. Her laugh is infectious. She is irresistible. I can’t help but be drawn to her with an intensity that steals my breath and muddles my senses. I want to know her, need to know her, but how can I allow myself that liberty when I don’t have the freedom to make my own choices?
Phillip and Maggie think they have it all. Even though they come from opposite backgrounds, they each have bright futures paved out, with no distractions holding them back.
Until the fateful day they meet each other.
After a brief, adventurous time together in The Hamptons, Maggie and Phillip find themselves saying goodbye just as the spark of love flashes intensely between them. Can their budding connection be enough to survive the pulling tides of change, or will they drift apart before they even have a chance to explore what could have been?
Charlie tossed back the rest of his fourth beer and asked for two more. He was going for a record tonight. “Why don’t you just keep the cooler by you?” I asked, digging my hands through the ice again. My fingers felt like frozen popsicles by the time my hand wrapped around a can since we’d blown through the bottles he’d brought. “Because the beer tastes better when you’re handing them to me.” “Is that so?” I replied. A mischievous smirk crossed my lips. When he wasn’t looking, I shook his beers up and walked them over to him. He leaned back to look up at me, a grin eating up the whole of his face. “Finally decided to succumb to me?” he jokingly asked. “How can I resist?” I said, smiling as I cracked open the first beer, tilting it down at him, showering him in sudsy foam. He rolled out of his chair, curse words peppering the air as I cracked the second can and pointed it toward Hannah and Caleb. “Maggie!” Hannah shrieked as she jumped out of her seat, beer covering the front of her shirt. “Get up, you bunch of boring yuppies!” I shouted. “The night is young and the water’s warm!” Without words, they were up on their feet, laughing and shucking out of their clothes as they headed down toward the water. I turned back to the fire, tossing the beer cans back into the cooler, when Phillip caught my eye. He was standing up. Standing so still and so close to me that it made me draw in a sharp breath. “Is this the part where you tell me you have some kind of superpower that allows you to move from one spot to the next without notice?” I joked, wiping my sticky hands down the front of my jeans. There was a new look in his relaxed gaze. A look that made my heart somersault. A look of attraction and curiosity. “Are you going with them?” he asked, his heavy eyes drifting over my face, down to my lips where they stayed. I reflexively licked them, feeling the sun awaken beneath my skin. “Usually I do,” I replied, wondering why I suddenly felt like I had laid out in the sun all day. “How about you? Do you like to skinny dip?” “Can’t say that I’ve tried it yet,” he said, still watching me so intensely that it made my feet want to squirm. And my feet never squirmed. I pushed at his shoulder, trying to dispel the heat growing between us. “Well, there’s a first time for everything, right?” I didn’t wait for his response. I just grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head, dropping it to the sand below. Modesty was a seven-letter word I had yet to comprehend. I was thoroughly surprised when he didn’t look away. His gaze wasn’t even bashful like I’d assumed it would be when he roamed the length of my body, and it stirred something inside of me that had no business being stirred. “Come on,” I said, putting my best laugh forward. “You can’t skinny dip with your clothes on.” It was like my laugh woke him back up, because he smiled lazily, unbuttoned his shirt, and shrugged it from his shoulders, dropping it on top of mine. “That’s better,” I said, fiddling with the button on my jeans. It took me more time than it should have, because I couldn’t keep my eyes from his perfectly tanned, perfectly chiseled abs. I shimmied out of my jeans as quickly as I could, and then laughed when he nearly toppled over from his foot getting stuck in one of his pant legs. He grabbed onto my arms, using me to steady himself, and then we both laughed. “My apologies,” he said, his smile reaching from ear to ear as he clung to me. Why did I have to notice how good he smelled? Like sandalwood. “No worries,” I said, setting him straight on his feet. Dropping down, I held his pants while he stepped out of them, trying not to think too much about how close we were. “I’ve fallen way more than I’d care to admit to anyone.” “Come on, Maggie!” Hannah called. She was splashing and laughing as Charlie and the guys took turns shoving each other under the water. “Are we taking off our underwear now?” Phillip asked as soon as I stood back up. I had to admit, I was momentarily shocked by his question. But he quickly recovered by adding, “Or do we do it right before we get in the water?” I stared at him for a moment, enjoying the new sensation of shock that he brought out in me. It wasn’t often that someone thoroughly surprised me. It was fun. Enlightening. Without answering him, I just smiled and then reached behind me, unclasping my bra and letting it fall onto the pile of clothes at my feet. A second later, I was out of my underwear, enjoying the feel of the breeze against my bare skin. “Last person in has to clean up around the fire pit!” I shouted, turning from his wide-eyed stare and racing for the water.

ABout sonya- Sonya Loveday, first and foremost is a reader, an avid one. It is of that love that brought her to purchasing her first laptop in 2009, and publishing her first novel, Casted, in 2013. In early 2014, Sonya expanded Casted and then went on to publish Spelled, the sequel to Casted in March, wrapping up the series, and her stint with Paranormal Romance. For now. Not long after the completion to the Casted Series, Sonya tried her hand at New Adult/Coming of Age, a sub-genre of Contemporary Romance. Thusly, the Six were born with The Summer I Fell, which released at the end of July 2014. The demand from readers was instantaneously, which brought about End Note, the second book of the series in December 2014, and book three, If Ever I Fall, in June 2015. To date, Sonya lives in Central Florida with her husband, and two kids, and is currently working on the fourth book of the Six Series. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming news on Sonya's website!  
Books By Sonya Loveday
The Six Series:
The Casted Series:
Candace Knoebel is the award-winning author of Born in Flames—book one in a young adult fantasy trilogy. She discovered in 2009 through lunch breaks and late nights after putting her kids to bed, a world where she could escape the ever-pressing days of an eight to five Purgatory. And an outlet for all the voices residing in her head. Published by 48fourteen in 2012, Born in Flames went on to win Turning the Pages Book of the Year award in February of 2013. In January of 2014, the last book in the trilogy, From the Embers, was released, thusly completing the trilogy. She now works on the Night Watchmen Series, while guzzling Red Bulls and pretending to be a ninja on Heelys.  
Books By Candace Knoebel
The Night Watchmen Series:
Everdeep (Night Watchmen, #4) Coming Winter 2015

The Born in Flames Trilogy:

The Misfit Brides series by Jamie Farrell

The Misfit Brides Series
by Jamie Farrell
Genre: Contemporary Romance

(previously published as The Husband Games)
Book 1: The Misfit Brides Series
Release Date: August 7, 2014

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Welcome To Bliss, the Bridal Capitol of the Midwest!

Natalie Castellano practically has it all—beauty, brains, and a stellar reputation. Because childbearing hips and exhaustion lines are totally sexy. And knowing when to let go of her family’s failing bridal boutique is smart…right? Plus, who doesn’t want to be that divorced mother in Bliss?

With all she has going for her, it would be selfish to secretly wish for love too. Who needs it? Definitely not Nat. But perhaps she does need to take her wedding dress-obsessed little boy somewhere else for a fresh start.

CJ Blue is on top of the world. At least, he was last week when he stood on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Now, he’s in an empty confessional, hiding from the hullabaloo of a family wedding. Aka the depths of hell.

His meddling relatives want to poke at the deep psychological wounds he supposedly bears from being a twenty-something widower. But he doesn’t want to talk, he doesn’t want to be fussed over, and he certainly doesn’t want another chance to fail at love. He just wants to get through this wedding and back to his adventurous life.

But when a dark-haired, wounded-eye beauty invades his sanctuary and whispers a secret he was never supposed to know, he gets swept up in her life. Is he brave enough to tackle the adventure of life in Bliss, or will he walk away from the only woman in the world who could offer him love, forgiveness, and a second chance?

Book 2: The Misfit Brides Series
Release Date: October 20, 2015

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Welcome Back to Bliss, The Land of Happily Ever Afters!

Lindsey Castellano couldn’t ask for more. She’s the most successful divorce lawyer ever raised in Bliss. (Never mind that she’s the only one.) She’s her nephew’s favorite aunt. (For the moment, anyway.) And thanks to a little gift (or curse) from the universe, she’s an expert at avoiding love, commitment, and inevitable heartbreak. Or so she thought until the night of her sister’s wedding.

Will Truitt might’ve grown up living a country song—his momma died, his daddy went to prison, and his dog ran away—but as an adult, he’s been blessed by the country rock gods. Being Billy Brenton on stage isn’t an honor he takes lightly. He likes to give back what fame has given him, which is how he finds himself happily crashing a wedding in this quirky little bridal-obsessed town. The one thing he isn’t counting on, though, is colliding with the only girl he ever let himself love.

It’s been fifteen years since Lindsey shattered his heart. Then, she’d been a sorority girl on her way to the top, and he’d been a lowly janitor with a little bit of a dream. Now he’s on top of the world, and she’s the last person he should need or want.

But she’s the only person who has ever inspired his music. And he’s the only man she’s never been able to forget. Have the years made them wiser, stronger, and better able to love, or this time, will they simply crash and burn harder?

Book 3: The Misfit Brides Series
Release Date: March 1, 2015

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A Bad Boy, a Good Girl, and Ice Cream Collide in the Best Little Wedding Town in America!

Dahlia Mallard has finally found her destiny—running an ice cream shop in the happiest bridal town in the Midwest. Problem is, her heart is bigger than her bank account, and she needs a serious influx of cash to get through the winter. Her last-ditch effort? Getting country music superstar Billy Brenton to commit to attending her risqué flavor-tasting event to boost ticket sales. But the closest she can get to Billy is his drummer, the womanizing Mikey Diamond.

Mikey loves the ladies, and he makes no secret of it. But he’s not such a fan of this town devoted to weddings, love, and marriage. And he’s even less of a fan of people using him to get to Billy. When circumstances land Mikey in Dahlia’s house, though, all his caution—and all his interest in any other single ladies—flies out the window. Dahlia’s quirky and funny and, unlike all the other women he’s ever known, she doesn’t tolerate any of his baloney. But when Mikey discovers that Dahlia, too, is using him to get close to Billy, will he take the chance to be her hero instead, or will he revert to his manwhore ways?

MATCHED (Misfit Brides #2) Playlist

Jamie Farrell writes fun contemporary romances with quirky characters and lots of heart. She believes love, laughter, and bacon are the most powerful forces in the universe. Her debut novel, Southern Fried Blues, was a finalist for the 2013 National Readers' Choice Awards and the 2014 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Awards.

A native Midwesterner, Jamie has lived in the South the majority of her adult life. When she's not writing, she and her military hero husband are busy raising three hilariously unpredictable children.

Join Jamie's Feisty Belles! The Feisty Belles is a fan group with open membership. Members get exclusive content and other fun stuff. :-)

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Special Agent Maximilian
by Mimi Barbour
Series: Undercover FBI, #3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 25, 2015

Identical twins but different men – she loves both!

In this electrifying romantic suspense set in the steamy streets of New Orleans, Lieutenant Commander Nik Baudin, accidently meets up with an identical twin he never knew existed. When his brother Max goes missing, Nik assumes his identity as Special Agent Maximilian. This gives him access to FBI files making it easier to arrest the gangsters who attacked his brother and to stop their trafficking of underage girls. Being that Nik has specialized commando training, he’s the perfect man for the job - that’s if his PTSD doesn’t kick in and leave him cowering in a corner.

Special Agent Maya Barnes can’t believe it when she spots her partner, Max Foster, wandering along the French market without a care in the world. Since he’d been beaten and had gone missing weeks earlier, they all believed him dead. There’s only one problem… though this man might look exactly like the missing agent, she knows differently. In all the years they’ve worked together, she’s never wanted to have mind-blowing sex with her partner before.

Had to read it cover to cover. Could not put it down!
Another exciting yet enjoyable WINNER from author Mimi Barbour.
Starting from the very first page straight through to the surprises revealed at the very end, you won't want to miss any of the action. I loved how very strong the women were, regardless of their situations.
Two very hot, exciting brothers with quite different personalities. The bonds of family even under impossible circumstances. I want to read more about Juli!!!

Special Ops Commander Nik Baudin meets his twin brother FBI Agent Max Foster by accident.
That meeting is NOTHING compared to being mistaken as Max by Max's partner Maya who isn't sure her FBI partner is dead or alive. I don't want to give anything away about this book except that I loved it and believe you MUST read it yourself. If you like adventure or romance or mystery or police or military stategy, this book is for you!

I did receive a copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. I own many others by this author.

Mimi Barbour is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who's sold over 500,000 copies of her books world-wide. Her five romance series: The Vicarage Bench/ time travel at it's best, Angels with Attitudes / angels love romance, Vegas / fast-paced plotting, Elvis / make a song a book and her newest, Undercover FBI / with sizzling conflicts and lots of humor.

Mimi's been heard to say: "I'm an author who loves to read uplifting stories about romance. Add in some time travel, or maybe an angel, or even a little romantic suspense and it makes the story more fascinating because of the incredible possibilities."

If you like adventure or romance or mystery or police or military stategy, this book is for you!