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Pushed To The Limit
by Karen Chester

Ms. Chester maintains the delicate balance between not enough description and too much most admirably.
~Back Porchervations
This is the second book in this series and boy is it a doozy. There’s a lot going on in this short book. The characters are well written and have personalities that jump of the page and the story keeps you wanting more.
~I’d Rather Be Reading At The Beach
This second installment of the Emma Cassidy mysteries was really interesting and I am looking forward to the next one. I really enjoy Emma and the characters in this series and I am finding myself invested in them and want to see what happens to them.
~Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!

Pushed to the Limit (an Emma Cassidy Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Self Published
Publication Date: March 3, 2016


Faye Seymour has long reigned as Greenville’s gossip queen, but recently she’s been at her worst, spreading rumors like wild fire and putting a lot of noses out of joint. Event planner Emma Cassidy has already lost an important client to Faye’s loose tongue, and she can ill afford to lose any business. When Emma discovers Faye lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs, the feisty old lady declares she was pushed—and that Emma is the culprit!—before passing out.
As Faye recovers, Emma reluctantly delves into the busybody’s life of meddling and scuttlebutt. She has to clear her name before Faye falsely accuses her again, and besides, there’s a capricious parrot relying on her now.
What scandalous secrets has Faye unearthed? How many lives has she ruined or threatened to ruin? Plenty of people have a reason to hate her, but one in particular is driven to commit a brutal murder. Can Emma follow the clues to unmask the killer, or will she fall victim herself?
The Emma Cassidy Mystery series:
Book 1: Throw a Monkey Wrench
Book 2: Pushed to the Limit
Book 3: Murder Most Likely (coming in 2016)

A mystery with the requisite number of quirky characters, some going above and beyond quirky. The romantic past of characters plays a huge role in circumstances. 
A very interesting concept about a woman who everyone tries to avoid but then they find themselves catering to her every whim.
Twists continue until the very end.
The author has a unique voice and an interesting way to turn a phrase.

Karen Chester is a mystery author who grew up watching Murder, She Wrote and reading Agatha Christie. She spends her days thinking up dastardly methods of murder and cunning red herrings.
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  1. "Pushed to the Limit" sounds like an amazing book. Looking forward to reading.


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