A Fanciful Twist's 7th Annual Mad Tea Party 2014

Sisters - I have news!  It is time for A Fanciful Twist's annual Mad Tea Party!
Everyone in the forest has been chattering away about it.

Have we decided upon our gowns yet?

I am stirring up a magical spell to create something extra special for us.

Oh- I love my orange dress, but let's add more magic bubbles

and stir up something more festive and magical.

Well, this is  on the right track...
more what I was thinking...

I love what the magic is doing with my hair.

If winged creatures are invited, can we go along? 

(at this point use your magical imagination to rotate photos into upright position)
I'm sorry kids, this party is for adults.

Besides, we have plenty of scrubbing up to do so the sisters will be ready on time!

We want to go too!   It is not nice to have a party and not invite kids!

We'll even fly you to the party in our plane!

You were told - this party is for adults!

Now behave yourselves and maybe we will bring home treats for you.

We have no time for your nonsense, we must get dressed.

While the witches transform themselves into fairies for the Mad Tea Party,
the kids are thinking how they can sneak into the party.

I know!  We'll disguise ourselves as pirates!

Everyone will think we are adults.

Then I think we'd better use magic to turn us into taller pirates.

 I have the perfect magical spell. The sisters will never guess it is us.

The kids went off to try their magic and never saw how the witches turned out.
Who will discover  true identities at the party?

Hop over to A FANCIFUL TWIST for the list of all party participants.

I will also be linking up to Beautiful Sunday.

Friendship Friday  at Create with Joy

Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party


  1. What fun little characters at your party! Hmmm, maybe we'll find out how the witches turned out another time?

    1. Perhaps, and maybe even with an additional surprise.
      I will let everyone who comments know.

  2. Those troll/pirate kiddos are welcome at my party! Looking forward to your return! :)

    1. Thank you Holly.
      I had a great time at your party.

  3. I was loo!ing for your blog the other day - did you move..? Happy Mad Tea!

    1. I could not fix the virus I acquired.
      After months of frustration, I did start over.
      Thanks for missing me !

  4. How fun! Thank you for inviting me! I love the guests at your party, particularly the last couple... Have a blessed day!

  5. Everyone is having fun at your party. I should have invited a troll kid to mine! Have a magical weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Wonderful characters! Thank you for visiting my tea also!
    Celeste, at Plumfield House Gardens

  7. I had so much fun at your party. Thank you for having me. Please visit me:

  8. Magickal!!! Yay! LOVE a magickal spin on the MAD TEA PARTY... -xo

  9. Happy Tea Party Day! ~Tricia http://castlesncrownsboutique.blogspot.com/2014/07/mad-tea-party-2014-and-giveaway.html

  10. Now this is ingenuity! I laughed so hard at the photos of your guests! I'm really just a big kid at heart and I love this kind of silliness. Thanks for sharing tea with me.
    Cheers luv, e ;D

  11. Hi, Laura.
    Thanks for paying my little tea party a visit. I sure enjoyed all your Mad Tea Partygoers! Happy Saturday!

  12. Turning yourself into Cap'n Jack will always get you an invite to my party lol :D XXX

  13. Trolls on planes! Fly the fun-d-ly skies! :) Except sorry, guess y'all gotta stay home. Don't worry, there's always Vanessa's Halloween party, tres kid friendly, and trolls too!

    I laughed out loud over the magical powers of turning pictures upright -- I had some PC malfunctions of an enormous degress- but I can tell we're kindred, you & me.

    That purple song is in MY head too!!!

    Have a lovely day, dogsmom! xoxoxox Roo

    1. Roo (and buddies) I am so glad to have you stop and visit

  14. Like your fantasy mad tea party...happy unbirthday to you
    Kerstin from germany
    Cobblestone Prims

  15. Oh how fun! I loved all of your little toy characters! Brings out the kid in me! I have enjoyed myself thoroughly! Thanks for stopping by my party earlier too!


  16. Ha ha! What a wonderful bevy of characters! I do hope the kids got in. Every party should be for grownups and kids. After all, we're all just little kids inside different sized bodies. Thanks for the great time!

  17. Wonderful characters and whimsy. Love the site, Laura.

    Author Dennis Higgins

  18. hahhaa, what a delightful tea party. You are so much fun...
    Just remember tho....Mr. Depp belongs to MOI even when he dresses up as Mr. Sparrow and goes to tea parties...:)
    Dont' you adore this amazing, fun party? Meee, too.

  19. There's a little witch in every woman!! ;) Glad to have stopped by!!

  20. Such Fun, Such Fun!! Winged creatures: We're definitely wearing our wings as part of our attire next year! Thanks for coming by my party, too! :) :) ~Amber http://whatamberloves.com/2014/07/12/mad-tea-party-2014/

  21. Those kids are trouble, aren't they? ;) So much fun. I have truly been swept away by Vanessa, Hatter, and all their guests today. Let the fantasy continue!!
    Thank you for stopping by the imaginatory. Of course I'll come over and create your space while you paint flowers on glass containers, and the only perfection allowed would be Mr. Depp. :)

  22. Aww these are all so sweet :)

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop :)

  23. Aww, how will it all play out? Hopefully, everyone has a blast just like me, spending time with this group here, enjoying Vanessa's MTP! Thanks for the fun! Cheers! ;)

  24. Great post, so imaginative! Thanks for stopping by to visit my tea party in the mountains...



  25. Oh my goodness! I find myself wanting to steal, um... invite all the guests of your party to come to mine. They look so happy and radiant. You sure know how to make madness look delicious!

  26. quite the wacky crew of characters, I loved it!

  27. Oh, fantastic Mad Tea Party. With all those gorgeous characters...lots of fantasy.
    It was such a pleasure.
    Besos from Argentina,

  28. What a fabulous group of guests! How fun!

  29. What a fun and creative party! I love all of your guests so much! Thank you so much for your visit to my party today and for your follows as well!

    Wishing you a great rest of The Mad Tea Party Weekend!


  30. Ahh! Love!! What fun!! Thanks for the invite!

  31. What fun ...I love the trolls ��

    Thank you for visiting me and the lawn fairies !!!!!

    Xoxo Gina

  32. It's soooooo wonderful to visit your fab imagination and tales at your new space!! <3

    Of those trolls, they always make me smile, I remember them from childhood so!

    Love your post!!

    Thank you so much for joining in the Mad Tea magic!
    A very merry unbirthday to you!

    <3 Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  33. What a great Mad Tea Party, looks like lots of fun, thank you for linking up with Smile it's the Weekend.

    Hope you have a pawtastic weekend xxxx

  34. :-) Such a wonderful fun tea party. I loved all the brilliant characters. :-)

  35. Such a fun party of witches and pirates, perfect guess to any occasion.

  36. What a fun party, but any party with Jack Sparrow would be wonderful!

  37. Oh your party guests are just fabulous! What a beautiful whimsical tea!


  38. Troll Dolls!!! I had totally forgotten about them! Thanks for the great fun!

  39. This is obviously the happening place. What an amazing group of guests you have. I LOVE it!! I am so glad I was able to stop by for a visit!!

  40. Oh my! Nathan Fillion and Johnny Depp!! Best tea party ever! ;D

  41. Fabulous!! Your celebration is delightful, my Dear...I'm So glad I stopped by!

  42. Laura,
    Thanks so much for inviting me to such a fun party!

  43. I can imagine all these toy friends of yours coming alive at night (ala Toy Story) and having a real tea party full of fun!

  44. I was happy to be at Your party and I'm so glad You came to Mine.Fun all the way around,with Our IMAGINATIONS,as Spong Bob would say.

  45. Your crew seems to be having fun getting ready for Vanessa's party. Glad to meet them and you.

  46. I'm so glad your tea wasn't poisoned! It was a delightful party, may I keep one of the pirates? ;)

    Smooches BrocanteuseRose


  47. Wait...wait... Captain Mal is going to your Mad Tea Party? Oh my! Yes, I'd be there and on my best behaviour! (Best tea party ever, Laura!)

  48. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment is appreciated! You won one of my hand made heart ornaments!! please email me with your address!

  49. Hello, I am so sorry I missed the Mad Tea Party. I did take a wrong turn and headed down the wrong rabbit hole. I experienced a dramatic situation with a Pit Bull coming after me while digging in my garden. I wish I could have visited all the blogs and hope to do so soon.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.


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