Friday, January 16, 2015

Cinnamon and Sunshine Release Day ~ Hollie Westring

Cinnamon and Sunshine
Sage Springs Series, Book 3
By Hollie Westring
Release: Friday, Jan. 16, 2015
Lexi Alamont’s been looking for love for years. But living in the small town of Sage Springs, Mo., means the search has not been fruitful. Sure, there are ghosts galore in town, but the selection of living men isn’t anything to write home about. She’s happily watched her two best friends meet their matches, and she can’t help but think that maybe she’ll have her chance before long.
When Cruz Drakov comes back into town to do some work for his paranormal TV show, Lexi’s called in to sweeten up the crew with her baked goods. With her growing business being praised from the mouths of celebrities, Lexi’s happy to oblige. What she isn’t expecting is to gain the attention of the guy who’s everything she’s shied away from. Cruz is a self-assured witch, a realist, and not afraid to play the field with his charismatic demeanor. Lexi’s optimistic, sweet, and looking for the one who will make her heart whole.
Sometimes love is hiding in places you’d least expect. Just ask Lexi and Cruz.

I will be very honest and say I have loved this series from the beginning. It is one I do reread.
I don't want to break away from the magical town of Sage Springs.
There is mystery and romance and plain old fun and good times in this series and in this place.
Hollie Westring has written characters that come to life and find their ways into the reader's heart.

Lexi is the town's ray of Sunshine. The good girl, who loves her parents and follows the rules.
She was an excellent student and best friend to Eliza, and to Lexi's cousin Jake. 
Jake and Eliza had a flirtation in school, before Eliza ran off to travel the world, something Lexi never had any ambition to do. Last spring, Eliza came back and after some misunderstandings, she and Jake are closer than ever, planning a future together. You can learn their story in Whispers & Wishes.

Another best friend was added to their close group, in the form of Ivy, a young witch, their age, who moved to Sage Springs and seemed to fit in perfectly. So well so, that she married a long time Sage Springs resident.
I won't give away Ivy's story. You'll have to read and love it yourself in Spirits & Spells.

Now that her two best friends and close cousin are paired up seemingly for life, Lexi is starting to feel lonely.
Not that she is ever alone, but when will she meet her special someone? No one suitable has come into her life.
She has even turned to online dating.

She is having a text flirtation with a friend of Ivy's, an up and coming TV star who runs a paranormal show that features celebrities. The show is coming to film in Sage Springs. If nothing else, spending time with Cruz will be a distraction. The trouble is, his life means traveling every few weeks. Lexi has just committed to never leaving Sage Springs. They are so different and she would never ask him to give up his dreams.

There is so much sweetness and sunshine in this book, that a dark cloud has to enter. Her name is Bianca.
She is not all bad, but if you want to see her goodness you'd better not blink.

About the Author

Hollie Westring is from Kansas City, Mo. She has a wild imagination, which helps her come up with ideas for stories, and then she often adds a little paranormal twist. She can’t help it. She’s also an editor, so she spends a lot of time caught up in fictional worlds.
When not writing, editing, or reading, Hollie can be found baking cookies or exploring historical locations and buildings around Kansas City. She enjoys supernatural tales more than the average person.

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