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Dare To Kiss ~ S.B. Alexander

Dare to Kiss 
by S.B. Alexander
Genre: Sports Romance

Besides her family, Lacey Robinson’s only other love is baseball. 

She’s on top of the world when Arizona State University 

approaches her to discuss a scholarship. To play for a college boys’ 

team is beyond what she has ever dreamed. Her fastball is 

impeccable, her slider equally as good, and her curveball annihilates 

anyone who dares to step in the batter’s box. But fate has its own 

way of throwing curveballs. When she loses her mother and sister to 

a home invasion, baseball and her dreams die with them. Tragedy 

has a way of seeping deep into her psyche, causing nightmares, 

panic attacks and blackouts. Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress 

Disorder, her psychiatrist recommends a change of scenery and picking up the things that she loved to 

After a move clear across the country, only two things matter to Lacey—overcome her PTSD and make 

Kensington High’s baseball team. But trying out for the team comes with complications—the captain, 

Aaron Seever, doesn’t want a girl on the team.

Adding to her new life, she never counted on meeting someone who wants her as badly as Kade 

Maxwell. The tall, sexy and drool-worthy bad boy has a magical touch that awakens her feminine side, 

and a kiss that slowly erases her nightmares. But getting involved with him may be dangerous when 

Kade’s arch-nemesis returns to town to settle a vendetta.

To complicate matters, her PTSD has taken a turn for the worse. She has to find a way to push away the 

demons otherwise she may not have a chance at anything in life.

Strong language. 
Sexual content. 
         Intended for audiences 17 years and older.

He grinned with his infamous Maxwell smirk as he cupped my face.

I had barely caught my breath when his mouth was on me. I opened to him as his tongue dipped inside, 

twining with mine. He tasted like forever. I wiggled against his hardness, and he moaned. Abandoning 

my mouth, he trailed his lips along my jaw, my ear, and my neck. He licked over my racing pulse while 

the heat from his hands was scorching my back. His torment was too much, yet not enough. My clothes 

grew constrictive. I wanted to feel his bare skin against mine.

As if he sensed my need, he lifted my sweater over my head, throwing it to the floor. His eyes were seas 

of shimmering copper. The backs of his fingers ghosted up and over my abs to land on the clasp of my 

bra. For perhaps one second he hesitated before unsnapping it. When he did, I sucked in a breath, my 

nipples hardening. He removed one strap then the other before it fell behind me.

“Beautiful,” he breathed, as he traced the outline of my breasts, teasing, but never touching the sensitive 

peaks that ached for his magical fingers or even his mouth.

I pressed my hips into him, feeling his arousal. Desire swirled down my belly in a slow, sinuous slide.

He groaned, deep and sensual. “Baby, tell me what you want.”

My body tingled. My brain went blank. “You.” All I wanted to do right now was feel him and 

everything he had to offer.

His eyes widened with a savage intensity that frightened me, yet calmed me. He pressed a kiss to my 

breast, gliding his warm mouth over my nipple before sucking on it. I arched into him, rubbing against 

him. He moaned, giving my other breast the same attention.

I fisted my hands in his sweater, tugging it up. He eased back, raising his arms. I lifted his sweater and 

T-shirt over his head before tossing it aside. My gaze wandered over him, drinking in every muscled 

inch of him from the line of light brown hair that disappeared into his jeans, to the six-pack abs that 

sculpted his midsection, to the tattoos on his chest.

Pushing his fingers through my hair, he brushed his lips over mine. “Are you sure, Lace?” His voice was 

barely audible.

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~About the Author~

S. B. Alexander’s passion for writing began when she read her first Stephen King novel, The Shining. 

Over the years she kept telling family and friends she was going to write a book. Fifteen years later, on 

the advice of a friend, she sat down and wrote her first novel. One year later, she published two novels 

with three more slotted for release. Her books are targeted toward the young adult and new adult 


Her young adult series, Vampire SEALS, includes two books, On the Edge of Humanity, and On the 

Edge of Eternity, which have garnered high praise from readers. Dare to Kiss is the first book in her new 

adult series.

Alexander’s career has been colorful—a former navy veteran, high school math teacher and college 

professor, sales consultant, coach, and manager. She loves baseball, especially the Boston Red Sox. She 

enjoys playing golf, is moved by music and great stories, and will go out of her way to help people.

She currently works full time in Corporate America and writes any chance she gets. She believes words 

are the key to opening the door to extraordinary places with amazing characters that tell a great story.

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