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Derek The Dragon by Leela Hope

Derek The Dragon
Childrens book collection
Leela Hope
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: January 26, 2015
Pages: 22Genre: Childrens Books
Format: eBook (.mobi - Kindle) / PDF

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 Do your kids ever feel sad?
Do they have trouble making friends?

An amazing story for all ages to enjoy, aimed at children 0-5 years of age.
Watch as Derek the Dragon 
learns about the meaning of happiness in this tale. Come and meet an adventurous dormouse who decides that he can change his lot in life and through caring about others he ends up saving his village. The story is told through rhyming verse and vivid illustration.
Derek the Dragon contains a great message about 
caring and friendship for parents to share with their children.

Title: Derek The Dragon And The Missing Socks
Author: Leela Hope

Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: January 25, 2015
Genre: Childrens Books
Pages: 22
Format: eBook (.mobi - Kindle) / PDF
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Do your kids forget to clean up their rooms?
 Have they ever asked you to find things for them?

This story is pure family entertainment. It is great for kids 2-82 but it is aimed at the 0-5 age group. Thebook covers a very important life skill, cleaning.
Derek the dragon does not like to clean, but he learns that 
he needs to get his house clean if he is ever going to find his lucky socks. Devin the dormouse comes to help his friend and shows him the way to get his house clean. The friends clean the cave and find the lucky socks. The story is brought to life through vivid illustrations and is told in rhyming verse.

Title: Derek The Dragon and Princess Dayna
Author: Leela Hope

Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: January 25, 2015Genre: Childrens
Pages: 22
Format: eBook (.mobi - Kindle) / PDF
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Derek The Dragon and Princess Dayna

Do you or your kids have trouble with people who are different?
Do your kids have trouble making friends?

This is a terrific story aimed at kids 0-5, and yet, it is fun for the whole family to read and enjoy. Derek the Dragon, the dormouse, Devin and Princess Dayna all learn a lot about friendship. The book deals with misunderstandings and stereotypes, but in a way that is very palatable for little children to understand. 
The villagers are worried about a dragon flying around their village. They send their princess off to deal with the situation. The story is told in rhyming verse and featuring dynamic illustrations. It is a story for the whole family to enjoy.

About the Author

Leela Hope is a writer with over 22 years of experience in writing endearing children's fiction. Her lively characters have entranced and captivated her audience, and she has taken great joy in writing the three series of books, each beautifully illustrated with love and care. Her stories concentrate on the adventures of floppy eared bunnies and wide-eyed children learning lessons in life, before returning home wiser and eager for sleep. leela hope writes her stories to entertain the very young, but also to educate. Her vision is always of a parent sitting on a child's bed, reciting the stories each night, while the young one drifts off to sleep, lulled into a dream world full of fun and adventure.

From her very earliest years of childhood, Leela made up stories in her head, telling them to her younger brother and sister. The stories flowed easily from her mind, and it wasn't long before she realized she had a gift for writing. By the age of 14, she had already written a small book of short stories for her own entertainment, and by the age of 22, she had published her first full-fledged children's fiction in several magazines. Leela hope was destined to be an author and she knew exactly what genre of fiction she wanted to dedicate her life too.
Born in San Diego, California, and still residing in the area, Leela studied English Literature at Berkeley, earning a degree in 1989. Her writing covers a span of several genres, but she always returns to her first love, children's fiction.
She enjoys scuba diving and visiting wildlife parks, seeking new inspiration for 
cuddly characters for her stories. leela hope lives in an urban area of San Diego and is presently at work on a new book.

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This very brief story, told in a comfortable rhyming rhythm, 
can be used to talk to young children about their feelings and about friendship. 
The characters are cute and interact well.

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