Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shadows of Oz Celebration!

This is one of those special days we all look forward to yearly.
Today is the fifth celebration of Oz from Oma Linda and friends.

You've seen me proudly sharing the link over there in my sidebar.

I have so many wonderful memories and imaginings of Oz
in my heart and head. Having been out of town and away from my computer, I did not get a post ready this year.  HOWEVER
Please follow this main link
and I will add others as I find them

While this is not my video, recently I was delighted to discover this Scanimation book and be able to add it to my personal collection.

  and a few classic shadows for your enjoyment


  1. Laura.....this is a fabulous tribute to WOZ. Thanks so much for joining in with the fun. I love the Scanimation Book...drooling even. xoxo Oma Linda

  2. I have never seen a Scanimation book before! That looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Like Rommy, I'm also new to Scanimation. I must show it to the Little Princess!

  4. You still celebrated and partied in Oz fashion well done, love the book & sing a long :)

  5. Oh my! Thank you so much for introducing me to Scanimation! I had never heard of it. That book looks absolutely squeal-worthy!!! I loved your Shadow of Oz post and it was so sweet of you to include all the links! ❤

  6. OMG! That book is magic!!! Never seen such a thing! Thanks for the enlightenment :D XXX

  7. Thank you so much for adding my link! Scanimation, fabulous!

  8. I love the book ;o) Great tribute to Oz ;o) Have fun at the party ;o)

  9. I LOVE this book! We sold it at the Toy Center where I worked for three years. Love the shadow Witch too..she would make a fabulous Shadow Puppet!


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