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The Other Side of Summer Review

Title: The Other Side of Summer
Author: Elyse Douglas
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Joanna Halloran, a best selling writer and astrologer, 
lives in a beach house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. 
After a violent storm, she roams the beach, glances 
seaward and spots a man clinging to a piece of 
wreckage, being tossed helplessly. 
She dives in and pulls him to safety. Robert Zachary Harrison is from a 
wealthy, political family. As he slowly recovers from 
a private plane crash, he and Joanna fall in love and 
spend passionate and secluded weeks together.
 But because of family duty, Robert departs, not knowing Joanna is pregnant.

Twenty five years later, Senator Robert Harrison is running for President of the United States.  
In the midst of a contentious presidential campaign, Joanna’s beautiful daughter, who has a passion to expose secrets, seeks revenge on the father she has never met.  She also begins a passionate relationship with her father’s adopted son.
Joanna and Robert must confront the past and present.  While the world watches, 
they struggle with old passions and new secrets that could destroy them both.

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Joanna stepped outside, bending into the storm. The cold pelting arrows didn’t stop her.  She marched down the stairs and angled left, toward the far jagged cliffs, where piles of fallen rock absorbed the full impact of the angry sea.  

She strode rapidly, as if beckoned. Water streamed down her hair and face.  Her fleece sweatshirt grew heavy, so she tugged it off and flung it away into the sharp wind.  She kicked off her sandals.

She lifted her head to the black moving sky, silently raging at God, at any kind of God.  She cursed him.  She advanced steadily toward the edge of the cliff, looking about hopelessly, lost in a vicious sorrow.

As she approached the rim, lightning violently struck the cliffs, just missing her.  She didn’t 

flinch, she didn’t move.  She stepped forward, her toes gripping the very soft edge of the cliff.  Rocks ticked away, falling 70 feet below.  Her feet ached from the cold.  She wiped soaking strands of hair from her eyes and peered down at the towering waves smashing against the rocks.  Tears streamed down her face.  

How easy it would be, she thought. Then, it would all be over.  The raging storm in her chest 
would stop and she’d be at peace.  She’d be away from them all: her father, Robert, the Harrison 
family.  Herself!      But the baby.  The baby!

Slowly, reluctantly, she backed away, in acceptance of the catastrophe of her life: a lonely, foolish 
woman who’d allowed herself to become trapped.  A prisoner of her own stupidity.  
She doubled over in pain and fell to her knees, grabbing her stomach, weeping, her body a spasm 
of anguish.
She tilted her head back to let the rain beat her face in a ritualistic punishment and purification.  

Wash it all away, she thought.  Wash away all the memories and all the joys and all the pain. 
 Make me clean and new so that my baby will never have to feel the hurt and treachery of the world!  Make my baby perfect, pure and wise.  Make my baby strong, resilient and vengeful!

For some this may be a difficult book to read. It is based on human emotions, which can be ubnpredictable and difficult to process. There are no clean black and white lines. Strength and weakness often look the same.

This is a story that covers decades and generations. It is divided into 3 distinct parts but as with life in general, there is messy overlap. As you read this very compelling drama, you will notice the descriptive passages tell you more than the words themselves. The beginning chapters ring with lonliness and longing. Don't let that stop you from experiencing it all.

Joanna Halloran is an astrology expert, following in her father's footsteps.
Wealthy Robert Zachary Harrison is a politician's son, being groomed for the U.S. Presidency.
Following his plane crash into the ocean off Long Island, rescued and nursed back to health by Joanna, a relationship develops that they cannot ignore. I believe there is much cymbolism involved in the rebuilding of the cottage.
Eventually Robert realizes he cannot just disappear to escape his previous life. He must face his family and fiancee.
Some big questions arise- how does one know when it is the time and right decision to move off the path your life has taken? Part one ends with life's most difficult questions.

Part two is anemotionally intense section, heavy with campaigning and political agendas. A vague story emerges (again) about the time of Robert's plane crash and a mermaid rescue. 
Scandal and rumor are part of any political race. Who has the motive to bring up decades old suspicions?
Part three is about looking for truth and maybe even for what one needs to survive; is there ever a chance to be happy? Can life come full circle again? 

I found this to be a satisfying, well developed warm and enriching read. It gave me a lot to think about.
I will recommend it to readers of both genders, age high school and up, who like substance in their novels.

Elyse Douglas is the pen name for the married writing team 
Elyse Parmentier and Douglas Pennington.   Elyse grew up near the sea, roaming the beaches, reading and writing stories and poetry, receiving a degree in English Literature. 
 She has enjoyed careers as an English teacher, an actress and a  speech-language pathologist. 

Douglas has been a musician, a graphic designer and an equity trader.

Elyse Douglas, have completed seven novels: The Summer Diary, Christmas for Juliet, Wanting Rita, Christmas Ever After, The Christmas Town, The Christmas Diary and The Other Side of Summer.





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