Killer Run Tour and Review Review

Killer Run
by Lynn Cahoon

Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Lyrical Underground (August 18, 2015)

Jill Gardner—owner of Coffee, Books, and More—has somehow been talked into sponsoring a 5k race along the beautiful California coast. The race is a fundraiser for the local preservation society—but not everyone is feeling so charitable…
The day of the race, everyone hits the ground running…until a local business owner stumbles over a very stationary body. The deceased is the vicious wife of the husband-and-wife team hired to promote the event—and the husband turns to Jill for help in clearing his name. But did he do it? Jill will have to be very careful, because this killer is ready to put her out of the running…forever!

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I am a cozy addict. I especially enjoy those that take part in small towns or close knit communities where most people know their neighbors. In South Cove, California, an ocean front tourist town, the business owners are banded together by way of a merchants' group similar to a Chamber of Commerce.
Some of them are friends, some are rivals. It is not always easy to tell the difference.

Jill Gardner, along with her aunt Jackie, run a coffee and desserts store in conjunction with a book store. Jill's boyfriend, after crossing paths regularly during crime investigations, is head detective, Greg King. He continually requests Jill not get involved in investigations but somehow she always finds herself smack in the middle. 
It helps if you have read several of the previous books in this series, to follow all the subtle clues and references, but this book works as a stand alone.

The town is preparing for a major fundraiser in the form of a competition run/walk.
All seems prepared until the day of the race when "professionals" show up to cause headaches.
Finding a body just off the course does not improve the day and drastically changes Jill and Greg's vacation plans. She tries to make the best of things, using the time to redecorate her house.

Without trying, Jill finds herself involved in the murder case, investigating vandalism to a friend's store, competition for a food truck, and feeling she's being followed by a man who keeps showing up wherever Jill goes to eat. The mystery contains twists and surprises. We get a very good look at various relationships. Aunt Jackie is an important and colorful character. Even when you believe you have the mysteries solved, you'll second guess your choice and reasons. I know I want to read the previous books I missed, and look forward to future Tourist mysteries.
I did get this book in exchange for my unbiased review.

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Lynn Cahoon 
 is an Idaho native. If you’d visit the town where she grew up, you’d understand why her mysteries and romance novels focus around the depth and experience of small town life. Currently, she’s living in a small historic town on the banks of the Mississippi river where her imagination tends to wander. She lives with her husband and two fur babies.

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