Friday, November 6, 2015

Witch Week, Final Day

I aplogize for not posting every day. I have been enjoying reading witchy literature and fairy retellings.  I was especially pleased to find books from lesser known and recent authors.
Little Red Riding Hood’s life is miserable, her name is a disgrace, and she sees no way to escape her fate. She toils from dawn to dusk on her father’s farm. Her mother is in prison. When Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf Raphael, her life is turned upside down as she gets swept up in the struggle against the evil Queen. 

Little Red Riding Hood's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is NOT your grandmothers Fairy Tale.
The big bad wolf is working for the good side, Snow White's rebel army.
This retelling will be enjoyed by those who appreciate the fight of good against evil, the smaller band who believe in their cause versus the larger force following orders thinking they have no choice. And anyone who enjoys werewolves (even though there are NONE in this telling) or the TV show Once Upon A Time.


I was given both of these books by the authors to read and review.

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