Gunfight at Grace Gulch by Darlene Franklin

  Forget Me Not Romances 
  A Division of Winged Publications 
(February 28, 2015) 
  Paperback: 216 pages 
  ISBN-13: 978-1508946991 E-Book B00U4XPROW


The feud between the Graces and the Gaynors is still going strong more than a century after its inception in the 1891 Oklahoma land run. Newspaper editor Penn Hardy is murdered during the reenactment of the most famous gunfight in the history of Grace Gulch, Oklahoma. Cici Wilde, owner of a vintage clothing store, feels compelled to investigate when police suspect people close to her. She soon discovers her talent for sleuthing equals her flare for wearing period clothing. Theater director Audie Howe never expected the reenactment to end in a real murder. He cares too much for the future of the Magda Grace Mallory Theater - and the charming Cici Wilde - to let her face danger alone. Cici and Audie take a dangerous gamble to nail the killer - and lay their lives on the line.

I do not recall having read a Christian cozy western before now.
If I have, it was not as enjoyable and memorable as this one.
I liked the back and forth between the letters and present day celebration of the Land Run.
I was intriqued by all the different relationships and the back and forth in them as well.
Who was not the person everyone thought they knew?

I appreciated that Cici discovered more about herself as the novel unfolded.
I was guessing until the end the WHO and WHY of the murder.
I did glaze over a bit during one section discussing politics, but that is just because I am so burnt out on mud slinging with this being a Presidential year.
The history of the feuding families kept my interest. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

About the Author

Best-selling author Darlene Franklin’s greatest claim to fame is that she writes full-time from a nursing home. She lives in Oklahoma, near her son and his family, and continues her interests in playing the piano and singing, books, good fellowship, and reality TV in addition to writing. She is an active member of Oklahoma City Christian Fiction Writers, American Christian Fiction Writers, and the Christian Authors Network. She has written over forty books and has written more than 250 devotionals. Her historical fiction ranges from the Revolutionary War to World War II, from Texas to Vermont.

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A Book Excerpt

The gigantic black hands on the town clock atop our municipal building inched toward twelve o’clock. Audie put a cell phone to his ear. Cord and Penn, reprising their roles as Bob Grace and Dick Gaynor, burst through the saloon doors, shouting insults. My heart stuttered a bit, worried for Cord. Penn sounded really angry. “You can’t get away with it. You’re a scoundrel and a cheat.” Penn’s face was set into deep lines, hatred aging him prematurely. “I’m not a cheat. I arrived first, fair and square. You have to accept it.” Tension twisted my shoulders. I held my breath. “That’s what you think!” Penn pulled out a Colt and fired. A flash of light—popping sounds—two men fell to the ground.
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  1. I would have to say, I don't think I've read a Christian cozy western, but it sounds good!

  2. This Christian cozy western sounds like a great read!


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