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PLAIN DEAD by Emma Miller (An Amish Mystery)

Plain Dead

by Emma Miller

Plain Dead
(An Amish Mystery)

3rd in Series
Cozy Mysteries
Publisher: Kensington (December 29, 2015)
Paperback: 272 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0758291769

When a newspaperman is murdered in the Amish community of Stone Mill, Pennsylvania, Rachel Mast digs up the dirt to find out who wanted to bury the lead…
Although she left her Old Order Amish ways in her youth, Rachel discovered corporate life in the English world to be complicated and unfulfilling. Having returned to Stone Mill, she’s happy to be running her own B&B. But she’s also learning—in more ways than one—that the past is not always so easily left behind.
After local newspaperman Bill Billingsly is found gagged and tied to his front porch, left to freeze overnight in a snowstorm, Detective Evan Parks—Rachel’s beau—uncovers a file of scandalous information Billingsly intended to publish, including a record of Rachel pleading no contest to charges of corporate misconduct. Though Evan is certain of her innocence, it’s up to Rachel to find the real killer. A closer examination of the victim’s unpublished report leads Rachel to believe the Amish community is far from sinless. But if she’s not careful her obituary might be the next to appear in print…

About The Author

Emma Miller is the author of Redeeming Grace and Anna’s Gift.  She lives with her family in Kent County, Delaware
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Nothing stops a good winter festival more stone cold than death!
A murder by freezing it seems. Who dunnit? 
Was it an Amish pushed too far or one of those Englishers who can't be trusted?
People on both sides had reason enough to kill wicked newspaperman Bill Billingsly, including a pack of ex-wives. 
It seems Bill had a file of dirt on everyone and wasn't afraid to use it however it would make him richer. From the way his body was discovered, this murder was personal.

Rachel Mast left the Amish community years ago but returned. 
Although she has not gone back to her Amish ways, she still has a large Amish family there and is friendly with the Amish community, as well as other creative and quirky townfolk.

This winter festival is Rachel's creation, intended to supplement the tourist income that lags in colder months. Will a murder on the first day freeze out her good intentions?
And will her newly engaged status to detective Evan Parks turn frosty when Rachel becomes a suspect? After all, she has been keeping secrets from him.

I had not yet read the first two books in this series, and there are references back to previous murders. It seems Rachel has a penchant for finding herself involved in investigations.
I am betting that will cause further problems for her romantic relationship.
This is still an excellent read as a stand alone, but I know I will be reading more by this remarkable author. I enjoyed the settings and the interactions between the characters.
It is very interesting to get the feel for the Amish community.

As Rachel follows the evidence, as Evan says he must, things are not black and white or plainly clear at all.
Danger escalates even when Rachel is not connecting all the dots.

This mystery will keep you in the dark until the end.

I was given a copy via Netgalley to review.

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