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Incarnational Wonder

About the Book

9781742845487_Cover_FrontTitle: Incarnational Wonder
Author: Danny Kinane
Genre: Religion / Spirituality
 Incarnational Wonder, even though written in old age and through a bout of severe sickness, has been very revealing on a personal level. Its writing has brought me to a clarity, more than a conviction of mind, something deeper, of what it means to be a human being, at the heart of which is spirituality. Its main focus is to, initially, isolate spiritually and see it what it really is: the bedrock not only of personal reality, humanity, but indeed of all reality. This foundation is found not so much in sacred documents such as the Bible or the Quran or in churches dogmatic teachings but in the human spirit itself in its everyday dialogue through experience. Experience is at the heart of the book, an in-built director of where our lives are going – and why and how. Academic disciplines such as theology and biblical studies take a secondary role. Today’s spirituality is saying to us we must find meaning within ourselves, our own spirits, if we are to thrive in, and indeed survive, modern life.

Author Bio

 I came to Australia as a migrant from Ireland in 1973 to teach high school; as it turned out in both Victoria and Queensland. After five rather demanding years I decided to return to a previous interest and concern and eventually became a priest in the Catholic Church in North Queensland. This became an interesting and varied experience over the next twenty years, especially as a priest in the North-west of the state, so different from the urban areas of the east coast in its spiritual needs. But the main message over those twenty years emerged clear and powerfully: religion was dying because its spiritual base was so inadequate. I eventually retired from the church to spend my twilight years living a more contemplative lifestyle in the southern Queensland bush. I also began to write. “Incarnational Wonder” is my fourth book.

1. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

- Wonderfully written with an acute sense of the paradox built into 

human morality.

2. Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas

- The sound and the meaning of the words intermingling in a delightful 

3. Voss by Patrick White

- The great Australian Novel.

4. Potrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

- The initiation of a young man into the wonders of life.


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This book is divided almost equally in half in discussion of spirituality and theology.
It is not a preachy discussion, rather a calm and confident exchange of ideas with a friendly resource.
The book contemplates the meaning of life and what happens after this experience.
Life is by definition an experience, a journey, a process, of extremes from joy to sorrow and back.
Which came first- spirituality or therology> How are they related? How are they different?
Can they coexist or which can survive without the other?
Why is life's meaning so mysterious? Why is it so difficult to understand what I am here to do?
In Chapter 5, the author states "The real me is a mystery, hidden in the greater mystery of reality itself." We are contemplating what it means to be human, to have this experience.
Let me suggest, if you do not take time to read this entire brief book, do not miss Chapter four!

I appreciated the quoted poems throughout this volume. We see how those who spread messages of theology and spirituality today are building on the works of many who came before.
While philosophical, this book is uplifting and inspirational. You will find yourself at times introspective which will lead to personal growth.

Don't get hung up on words. The lexicology will differ across ages and cultures. It should evolve within ones own life. As the book progresses there are abstract concepts discussed. How should they be defined? Should they be defined at all?

Another statement that resonated with me is that "even in the midst of painful moments...long-term there may be a hidden blessing here."

If you have ever wondered about the meaning of life or how to make more of your presence and experience, you will get much from this discussion.

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