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Title: Networking Karma
Author: Gail Tolstoi-Miller
Publisher: Consultnetworx
Pages: 160
Genre: Business/Self-Help

Are you Awkward? Uncertain? 
Even jittery at networking events?

Author Gail Tolstoi Miller, an award-winning entrepreneur and successful CEO, feels your pain. In fact, she spent years experiencing the same emotions when networking. An avowed introvert, Gail discovered a powerful and universal law of connecting, she calls Networking Karma.
And when she embraced it, Gail put those anxious, apprehensive interactions behind her to become a career coach and owner of a networking event planning company.
Now, Tolstoi-Miller shares her secrets with you in her new book, Networking Karma.
If you are trying desperately to get past the constant inadequacy you feel every time you try to attend a networking event, this book is for you!
Networking Karma is a mindful approach to living that asks you to consider each chance meeting and budding relationship as an opportunity to inform, assist, advocate or connect others. “Embracing this spirit of selflessness,” Tolstoi-Miller says, “is the key to building a professional and personal fan base; one that will ultimately return your kindness in unknown and awesome ways. “
Networking Karma proves that life is not “all about me.” In fact, Tolstoi-Miller reveals that the most successful networkers are on a constant mission of “giving.” 
Throughout this book, you will explore dozens of essential and specific Networking Karma to-do’s; powerful ideas you can implement immediately. Shared by some of today’s hottest thought leaders, speakers and business trailblazers, these proven tactics are absolutely essential to getting the edge you need to succeed in business and in life.
Written in a fast-paced, no-holds barred style and steeped in real-world situations, Networking Karma reveals:
  • The negative beliefs that hold you back from networking success, and the 6 empowering steps to overcome them.
  • Why Speed Networking is more fun and effective than absolutely any traditional networking method you’ve ever tried.
  • 3 unique and foolproof strategies for breaking the ice at your next networking event.
  • The 3 vital building blocks to your personal branding success.
  • A surprising fashion “don’t” that may make you appear more successful to others.
  • 10 ways your body language can work to your advantage
  • The simple secret to creating a strong elevator pitch and the best place to test it out.
  • How to turn passive listening into active listening, to attract important new contacts.
  • Smart strategies for bringing stalled conversations to an end—without offending!
  • 3 creative approaches to business card design that will launch countless conversations
  • How to provide value, build awareness, nurture relationship and establish relevance through proper social media avenues
  • The dramatic personal and professional benefits you can acquire through mentoring relationships.
  • BONUS: The #1, can’t-fail networking approach to becoming the most visible and unforgettable person in the room. Hint: It’s all about Karma.
PLUS, exclusive guides, cheat sheets, checklists and secret resources, available only to Networking Karma readers.
Read Networking Karma and integrate its law and lessons into your life. No matter how introverted, shy, awkward or uncertain you are when it comes to networking, you’ll get past your sticking points and see your relationships--and dreams--take shape.

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Finding a job. Building a business. Hiring employees. Learning trends. Attracting opportunities. Maintaining relationships. Getting referrals. Spreading word of mouth.
There are many reasons why you may need to network. But when you get to the core of why you must network, it is really quite simple.
Your infinite potential, the very best person that you can be, may very well lie in the hands of another person; someone you have yet to meet.
Does this statement sound daunting to you? Well, never fear. You see, life is one huge networking opportunity. We all network every day without even realizing it. And this book is brimming with stories, strategies and secret to-dos so you can network better.
Today, thanks to Speed Networking, it’s easier and more fun than ever to cast a wide net and meet a variety of people who all want to meet you, too. And there are other tools at your disposal—social media, savvy self-marketing and good old-fashioned etiquette—that can help you shape those connections into meaningful, give and get relationships.
But a true, meaningful network of connections does not happen overnight. Building your network requires an ongoing commitment and total dedication to the process. It is not so much hard work as it is a labor of love. Phone calls, emails, social media posts, lunches, favors and introductions are only some of the many tasks that capable networkers perform on a daily basis.
Getting into the networking groove takes discipline, consistency and a true goal of giving. Even after the newness and excitement of networking wears off, your persistence must be fierce. Why? Because with every effort you put forth, you’ll shore up the links in your chain of connections for mutual benefit and success.
In 2008, a study was conducted by researchers at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. The goal was to gain a better understanding of the relationship between networking and career success. The results revealed that “networking is not only related to concurrent salary and career satisfaction, but also to salary growth over time.” While it is comforting to know that research has been done to support these assumptions, common sense tells us that if we surround ourselves with smart, connected and committed fellow networkers, our lives can be moved in all sorts of positive directions.
Hundreds of books have been written about networking and the nurturing that is required to sustain relationships. Seminars on the topic have been attended by tens of thousands. And of course, networking groups like Business Network International (BNI) and Le Tip have built strong followings and golden reputations due to their winning business platforms. Eventually, every serious networker comes to the same conclusion—either through reading, learning or actually doing—that the development of contacts requires a very slow, very patient approach.                                                            
So Speed Networking (my preferred form of networking) might, at first glance, seem counterintuitive. After all, how can an event featuring dozens of fast-paced and sometimes quite arbitrary meetings between strangers help you in the slow and steady development of individual relationships?
Well, if all of my secrets were revealed here in the preface, there would be no need for you to read on. So you’ll have to delve into these pages to discover how to get the most from Speed Networking and beyond! I’ll also share my tried-and-true tips that you can use to enhance all of your relationship-building efforts. From first impressions to event follow-ups, I’ll give you the advice you need to connect and conquer every networking situation.
As you explore these chapters, you’ll be inspired by how others have effectively increased their personal networks through Speed Networking. You’ll also discover how to implement different Speed Networking applications and how to foster your newfound relationships to further yourself and your contacts in every aspect of life.
When you get to chapter 3 of this book, describing the format of Speed Networking events, you may find yourself saying, “I could never do that!” If you hear a negative voice in your head, push through the nerves and the self-doubt. After all, as a self-proclaimed introvert, I understand the uneasiness that accompanies the typical networking experience. But Speed Networking is not typical and it is geared toward those of us who aren’t the type to “work a crowd.”
Throughout this book you will see dozens of simple To-Dos, identified by the symbol shown at right: รพ These To-Dos are tactics I have culled from experts and associates to help you boost your fun, simple exercises and ideas you can implementnetworking success immediately.
Remember, everyone has what it takes to be a successful net-worker. All you need is a little preparation, practice and patience.
You have the power to transform your life through the relationships you develop. Do it and you’ll find true joy and satisfaction from helping others too.
If I can do it, you can do it! Read on and find out how easy it is!


About the Author
She is a former "goth" girl, a soccer mom, career coach and an avowed introvert who transformed herself to become a successful dual CEO of Consultnetworx™, a consulting/staffing firm and Speednetworx™, a B2B speed networking event company. Her companies are focused on connecting people for mutual fit and success.
As someone who always preferred solitude and time for reflection, Gail struggled for decades with social interaction, small talk and networking; but knew she would have to master these skills to reach her goals. When Gail began to focus on others instead of herself she saw her opportunities skyrocket.
During her 20+ years as a staffing strategist, Gail has coached thousands of job seekers and discovered a startling truth; that those with the strongest networks and the most generous spirits always landed the best jobs in the shortest amount of time. In fact, Gail credits her own success to her mindful giving of care, compassion, and guidance in all areas of life. In other words, she's living proof that Networking Karma works!
And now, to fully live by her beliefs, Gail is sharing these secrets with her readers in her first book, Networking Karma.
Amidst the shrinking job market, Tolstoi-Miller's innovative approach to business and life has singled her out as a resource in her field.  She’s frequently sought after by many media outlets, including Forbes, FOX Business, msn careers, and others, where she shares her ideas on networking, recruiting and the job market. Gail has received the NJBIZ Best 50 Women in Business 2013 award as well as the Top 2014 and Top 2015 Business awards. She was also named Leading Women Entrepreneur finalist, and selected as a finalist by Enterprising Women of the Year 2013.  Gail has a Bachelor's from NYU.
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With a spotlight on Speed Networking and wonderful information to assist anyone coordinating group network and B2B events, this book is one of the must read business books of 2016. It contains valuable communication steps for anyone using networking and marketing to move ahead in their career and grow a company brand. 

Author Gail Tolstoi-Miller takes much of the intimidation out of showing up in a room full of strangers, all of whom are competing for attention, many of whom are just as anxious about being there as you are. With small, specific steps in simple to understand language, she urges us to be brave and get results. After you have read this book and checked out the bonus material on the Networking Karma book website, you'll have to work harder to stay where you are than to take the doable steps that will move you and your business forward.

Also included are valuable to-Don't tips and suggestions. Things to avoid.
Preparing yourself for success takes thinking proper thoughts and building belief in yourself.
If you take the advice in this book, step by step you will find yourself with many more connections and could even put on your own networking event.

I did receive a copy of this book to review.
I am following the steps myself, putting them into action.

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