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Relics of Camelot by LH Nicole

Relics of Camelot (Legendary Saga #3)
by L.H. Nicole
Release Date: 03/29/16

Summary from Goodreads:
Making a devil’s bargain with a Fae queen is a dangerous thing.

Thrown back to the golden days of Camelot, the Destined One needs to find the object that will lead her and the Knights of the Round Table to the Grail of Power. But Aliana must also figure out and complete a mystery task before she can return to her own time.

The consequences of revealing Camelot’s future to King Arthur or any member of the Round Table family could be devastating. She is forced to keep secrets, feeling more alone than ever, even with the support of new friends and allies. With the unwelcome knowledge of their looming deaths, will she be able to resist the temptation to save the people she loves?

The attentions of Sir Galahad and King Arthur are a delightful yet confusing distraction. Her feelings for Arthur—even this version of him who doesn’t know her—continue to grow. The sparking sensation she’d felt whenever she touched Sir Galahad is mysteriously missing, but she can’t deny a continued connection with the protective knight.

Weapons powerful enough to destroy even Excalibur surface along with a shadowy figure that even seems to have influence over Mordrid. The time of the eclipse grows ever closer and everything Aliana thought she knew will once again be tossed into question again as she continues on her Legendary quest.

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She pushed the door open, slid through and closed it, leaned against the hard wood and let out a deep sigh of relief.
A feminine voice cleared her throat. Aliana’s eyes shot up to meet the pale sunlight eyes of a tall woman with very dark honey colored hair and a motherly smile. She was standing beside the small table and chair by the lit fireplace.
Aliana looked around the room quickly to be sure it was hers. “Forgive me, but I am in my room, right?”
The woman smiled, a throaty laugh escaping her. The woman’s long face was slightly familiar, but she couldn’t figure out why.
“Yes,” she said amusement in her tone. “I am Queen Igraine. My son and Merlin were telling me about you after my return earlier today.”
The blood drained from Aliana’s face. This was Arthur’s mother! She curtsied quickly not wanting to offend such a powerful woman.
Jeeze this day just keeps getting better and better!
“I see I have startled you. Please sit down.” She waved her hand to the chair by the crackling fire.
Aliana steeled herself, pushed away from the door and went to the woman’s side, but didn’t sit. “I am fine, thank you. You just surprised me.”
Her laughing sun eyes crinkled with her mirth. “I was on my way to see to dinner when Sir Gawain and Sir Percival brought in a man who looked in dire need of healer and a remedy for drunkenness. They told me what happened and I simply had to meet such a brave young woman.”
“Um…” For the second time today, Aliana couldn’t think of what to say.
The queen’s long face softened even more. “Please do not feel uncomfortable by my presence. My son has told me you will be staying with us for a while. You seem to have made quite the impression on many people since your arrival.” The queen headed towards the door. “Then I will not keep you any longer. I hope we will have some time to talk tomorrow.”
Aliana nodded and the queen left looking satisfied. Though why she was, Aliana had no clue.
“What was that all about?” she asked Dagg as soon as he became his normal self.
“I think we just met a piece of the puzzle we have been missing.”
Aliana wheeled around to the Dragon who was perched on the top of the chair. “Say what?”
His lips pulled back, amused. “You didn’t feel it did you?”
“Feel what?”
“The air humming around the queen.”
Aliana straightened trying to recall it, but failed. “No. What does that have to do with anything?”
Dagg jumped from his perch, hovering before her. “She’s a Dragon. A Golden Dragon to be precise.”

About the Author
I am a seasoned Pastry Chef in our nations capitol and a life long fairytale (Disney and Grimm) lover, believes in love at first sight, is addicted to 80’s & 90’s cartoons and anything that can capture my ADD-way-to-overactive-imagination. Joan Lowery Nixon and L.J. Smith were the first authors I became addicted to and who inspired me to steal away whenever I could to read and write. You can keep up with me, and all my news and adventures on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Blogger and Legendary Saga website.

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