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The Good Traitor
by Ryan Quinn

Genre:  Thriller
Published by:   Thomas & Mercer
Publication Date:   April 5, 2016
Number of Pages:  334
ISBN:   978-1503954625
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The US ambassador to China is killed in a suspicious plane crash just days after a news article links Chinese spies to US business interests. The American intelligence community is left scrambling to investigate possible connections between the crash and a series of other high-profile deaths.
On the other side of the world, ex-CIA operative Kera Mersal returns to the United States determined to clear her name after being branded a traitor for exposing illegal government surveillance. There, former colleague and fellow fugitive J. D. Jones contacts her with a new assignment: find out who is staging accidents to murder news sources. As the news site continues to publish stories about top-secret CIA programs and Chinese government corruption, Mersal reunites with old allies to uncover the truth and prove her loyalty to her country once and for all. But Mersal's investigations put her on the trail of a sinister hacker whose own motives may influence a vaster—and more deadly—geopolitical conspiracy than either of the world’s two largest superpowers is prepared to handle.
While this book carries on after the author's previous spy novel, I read it as a stand alone.
Seemingly unrelated murders set off events of international proportions that draw the reader eagerly into this fast paced yet plausible techno thriller adventure.

One of the main elements, as much as the human characters, of this book is a private computer network called Similar to the TV series Person of Interest, this system takes information from a multitude of sources and uses a program, almost a form of A.I., to determine what is news.
Twists, turns and complications on every page as former C.I.A. Operative Kera Mersal both tries to clear her name and avoid capture while discovering how the information is being manipulated and leaked. Branded a traitor by the C.I.A. Kera, an engaging protagonist the reader cares about deeply, has enemies on all sides.

Written in clear, straight forward language, the book is well researched.
In most cases it is impossible to distinguish fantasy from future technology.

I was provided with a copy of the book in exchange for my review.

A native of Alaska, Ryan Quinn was an NCAA champion and an all-American athlete in skiing while at the University of Utah. He worked for five years in New York's book-publishing industry before moving to Los Angeles, where he writes and trains for marathons. Quinn's first novel, The Fall, was an award-winning finalist for the 2013 International Book Awards.  

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  1. I have read great reviews on this book. Can't wait to read it. Thank you for sharing your review.

  2. Thanks for taking a look at The Good Traitor, and for your thoughtful review!

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