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A Flair for Chardonnay (A Sadie Kramer Flair Mystery – Book 1) by Deborah Garner Book


When flamboyant senior sleuth Sadie Kramer learns the owner of Cioccolato, her favorite chocolate shop, is in trouble, she heads for the California wine country with a tote-bagged Yorkie and a slew of questions.

The fourth generation Tremiato Winery promises answers, but not before a dead body turns up at the vintners’ scheduled Harvest Festival.

All four Tremiato siblings have possible motives, as well as a few peripheral acquaintances, but only one could be the guilty party.
As Sadie juggles truffles, tips and turmoil, she’ll need to sort the grapes from the wrath in order to find the identity of the killer.

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Sadie Kramer believes life should be lived with "FLAIR" -- for style, adventure, for interesting and extravagant flavors, especially specialty chocolates.
She has four "C's" to live by and a very special personal fifth "C," Coco, her secret tote bag companion. It is the curiosity "C" that draws Sadie into this present predicament. Responding uninvited to an aggitated, overheard, phone conversation she heads off for an upscale community centered on vineyards and family dynamics overwhelmingly complex and confusing. We deliciously get to appreciate an environment many of us will never visit.
The writing sets the tone for tension and uncertainty, making characters cold or compassionate. I enjoyed the description of shop assistant Amber over caffeinated and how the author expresses appreciation for modern technology through Sadie's thoughts:
Now she could just tap questions into a keyboard. Wearing fuzzy slippers and polka dot pajamas, no less!
The only flaw I perceived in the plot was insufficient strength of the planted clue.
I did have to look back and see the relationship to the crime scene.
I enjoyed my time with Sadie, Amber and Coco as well as the time in wine country.

About the author
Deborah Garner is an accomplished travel writer with a passion for back roads and secret hideaways.
Born and raised in California, she studied in France before returning to the U.S. to attend UCLA.
After stints in graduate school and teaching, she attempted to clone herself for decades by founding and running a dance and performing arts center, designing and manufacturing clothing and accessories, and tackling both spreadsheets and display racks for corporate retail management.
Her passions include photography, hiking and animal rescue. She speaks five languages, some substantially better than others.
She now divides her time between California and Wyoming, dragging one human and two canines along whenever possible.

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I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.

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  1. I think this would make me crave chocies and wine, maybe read it after I've finished detoxing and trying to lose weight lol x


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