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The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob – Into the Lead by Brooks Olbrys

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob – Into the Lead by Brooks Olbrys
ISBN: 978-0982961377
Publisher: Children's Success Unlimited
Date of publish: April 2016
Pages: 56
S.R.P.: $12.95

What if children’s books could help teach our kids fundamental principles for life-long success? This is the question that author, attorney, business owner and father, Brooks Olbrys asked six years ago when he began writing The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob books for children. Inspired by his young son and encouraged by motivational author and speaker Bob Proctor, Olbrys created a series of colorful, rhyming books that introduces children to timeless achievement principles wrapped in an oceanic “hero’s journey.” Olbrys distilled the lessons in the books from the teachings of experts on personal achievement Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, and Wallace Wattles, among others.

In the latest book in the series, The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob – Into the Lead, Blue Ocean Bob progresses from a job as an assistant marine biologist into a new leadership role on the island and learns valuable lessons about courage, creativity, decision-making, action and leadership. After an earthquake hits, Bob faces a series of new challenges on his quest to protect the surrounding sea and its creatures. 

As he does in the prior books, Bob turns to Doc the turtle, Wallace the walrus and Earl the clam for sage advice and guidance. But when his mentor, Mary Marine, is called away to a distant island,Bob puts his fears aside and steps into her shoes, ultimately recruiting an assistant of his own. 
Distinguishing the series, Olbrys says, “Blue Ocean Bob books substitute worldly and aquatic challenges for evil forces or characters. Instead of facing villains or fighting battles, Bob must overcome his own fears, and the doubts of his companion Xena, each time he confronts a new challenge.”
About the author:     
A graduate of Stanford University, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts, and the University of California at Berkeley School of Law, Brooks Olbrys is the founder of Children’s Success Unlimited and a managing director at investment bank Ion Partners. He lives with his wife and son in New York City.

Illustrator Kevin Keele
From a young age, Kevin Keele has enjoyed creating artwork in many forms: drawing, oil painting, digital painting, even stained glass. His work has been featured in numerous picture books, magazines, board games, and video games. Though he lives far from any coastlines, he has always been fascinated by the ocean and enjoys illustrating its various creatures. Kevin is currently an artist for Disney Interactive Studios. He lives in Utah with his wife and two sons. 

Written in a delightful cadence, this book will be a favorite to read aloud at storytime.

The first adventure is really an emergency. Bob is called upon to save the day and doubts his readiness. Can he do what is needed even when he feels a little bit afraid?

When Bob thinks he'll have a moment to catch his breath, another messenger tells him he is still needed. What can one small boy do when someone older and with more muscle can't solve the problem?  A nice story about teamwork and imagination.

The third tale about Bob being needed has my favorite line and lesson in the book.
It is not as action oriented as the previous two chapters, but I think even more motivating.
Chapter four, as each chapter does, builds upon what we have learned so far.

The final chapter shares the importance of passing on your knowledge and helping others by allowing them to help you.

Beautifully illustrated with rich colors and an assortment of backgrounds which show off the clever characters with such expresive faces!  The contrasting colors are eyecatching and add to the enjoyment of the storyline.

I did receive an e-copy of this book via Netgalley to review.

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