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Release Tour for Summer Lovin' by Jacquie Biggar

Book 5 of the Wounded Hearts series


Jacquie Biggar

Cover Designer: Killion Group
Official genre of book: Contemporary Romance

Mitch Taylor and Rebecca Sorenson share a secret.

Rebecca’s job as secretary of Cascade Elementary, the same school she attended as a child, is rewarding. She has a great group of friends, many of whom are married now. And if sometimes she wished it were her up there in that sparkling white dress…

Except, wait—she did get to wear bridal white. Granted, it was a slinky party dress and the justice of the peace was Elvis in a gold lame jacket, but still, the deed was done.

She’d tied the knot.

Mitch Taylor doesn’t do regrets. It would be a waste of energy bemoaning the mistakes he’d made in his life. The end of his promising football career taught him nothing in life was a guarantee.

Like love.

What were the chances two people from the same po-dunk town in Washington would end up together in a nightclub in Las Vegas? A few too many drinks later, a hasty ceremony performed by the king of rock ‘n’ roll, and they’d been hitched. The night that followed lived on in his dreams, but when he’d woken the next morning she was gone.

Can these two mismatched lovers find a way past their mistakes, or will they keep their lonely hearts forever guarded?

Mitch’s gaze zeroed in on her lips and darkened. “You and me—later. I’m tired of waiting. It’s time we settled our past so we can move forward with our lives.” He leaned in and gave her a quick, hard kiss, their breath co-mingling and tasting of the coffee he’d stopped and bought for her.

Rebecca sighed and gave herself up to the moment, though in the back of her mind his words nipped and stung, warning her that it was going to hurt when he left. How did this happen? When did Mitch Taylor become necessary to her happiness?

God. She was in love with him.

Her mouth slackened. Mitch sat back and looked at her quizzically for a moment, then he turned away to help young Jasper, and she tried to pay attention, she really did. But, all the time he was asking Tommy what happened, and running gentle fingers over the injury, and she was smiling and murmuring reassurance, her heart was breaking into a million tiny pieces.

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This is a sweet and endearing novel. A new take on star crossed lovers. Although this is the fifth in a series of stand alones, this was the first one I read and was able to keep everyone straight.
You know how it can be with these small towns - either you are related to half the town or you went to school with them and know most of every ones secrets.

Rebecca and Mitch have a huge secret that only remained secret because the bulk of it happened out of town. Mitch is the town boy done good, becoming almost famous until an unjury sidelined him.
Rebecca and her closest friends do what best friends do, and stand up in each others' weddings.
Of course the sheriff has one heck of a secret himself, and a grudge againsr Mitch to tie it all together.

It is a quick read but still a wonderful escape. There is a lot of suggested violence, not graphic, but easily enough envisioned. 

Add in a few adoable children to tug at your heartstrings and this is a winner.
Now I want to red all the others in this series.

I live in paradise along the west coast of Canada with my family and love reading, writing, and flower gardening. Oh, and I can't function without coffee! Preferably at the beach with my sweetheart. :)

I write Romantic Suspense with tough, alpha males who know what they want until they're gob-smacked by heroines who are strong, contemporary women willing to show them what they really need is love.

I've been blessed with a long, happy marriage and enjoy writing romance novels that end with happy-ever-afters.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review, Laura! I'm glad you enjoyed Mitch and Becky's story :)


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