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A More Perfect Union Series
by Betty Bolté
Genre: Historical Romance

Emily's Vow
Release Date: October 4, 2014

Emily Sullivan's greatest fear is dying in childbirth, as did her twin sister and their mother. Then she's thrown in a loyalist prison for her privateering father's raids on the British, and her accuser—a former beau—promises to recant if she will marry him.

Frank Thomson always loved Emily despite her refusal to return his affections. A patriot spy posing as a loyalist officer, when Frank learns of Emily's plight, he challenges her accuser to a duel.

Freed from prison, Emily ponders returning the affections of her rescuer—the only man she's ever loved and who married her twin to save the Sullivan family's reputation. But Frank cannot afford to be discovered. For the sake of young America, he must deliver his secrets.

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Amy's Choice
Release Date: October 5, 2014

Without a goodbye, Amy Abernathy's childhood sweetheart, Benjamin Hanson, leaves to fight in the American War for Independence. Amy chooses to pick up the pieces of her heart and leave Charles Town to help her sister who is with child.

Benjamin knows he hurt Amy, but he plans to make it up to her after his mission is completed. Then he learns that Amy has been captured by renegade soldiers. Now Benjamin faces his own choice: free the sassy yet obstinate woman he's never stopped loving or protect Charles Town from vengeful British occupation.

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Samantha's Secret
Release Date: April 25, 2015

Midwife and healer, Samantha McAlester returns from the front lines to find Charles Town under British siege and the town's new doctor at war with its citizens.

Dr. Trent Cunningham intends to build a hospital staffed solely with educated doctors. What he doesn't need is a raven-haired charlatan spooning out herbs and false promises to his patients, while tempting him at every turn.

Then a mutual friend develops a mysterious infection. Trenton is stumped. Samantha suspects the cure but knows treatment will expose her long-guarded secret, risking all she holds dear... including Trenton.

I strongly suggest you read this series in order; not only because the books follow one another with no lapse of time, but because you will want to get to know the background and personalities of each of these strong female friends. This trilogy is an adventurous exploration of life in an occupied seaside city during the final months of the Revolutionary War.

It is a historical romance and also a mystery. 
The human interest elements will make you examine your own thinking and opinions. A story of challenges, both physical and spiritual,
conflicting beliefs and changing times.

In the first book, the three best friends made a vow to remain single and self supporting, unless of course each found love with a worthy man.
The men around them were swoon worthy in many respects but did any value a wife as an equal? In those times a wife was a possession and marriage was a business proposition, binding families was a financial and social move.

Along with the romantic aspects of the books, much is told about life during time of war. Again it relates to financial and familial along with political and the dangers inherent to the close proximity of conflicting military services. Persons of the upper class became spies since no one expected it of them. Much of this happens in the first two books of this 5 star trilogy.

This third book focuses on Samantha and her quickly changing situation.
Her skills as a healer are being criticized. A modern doctor has arrived in the city. Her best friends have gotten betrothed. Her parents are loyalists and likely will leave for England. An unmarried woman can not own property so she will lose her healing garden. How is Samantha to survive and move forward?

The writing is wonderful. The storyline is compelling.
The danger will keep you apprehensive until the very end. 
The female characters are intelligent, creative, loyal and strong.
Evelyn's Promise 
Release Date: January 26, 2016

Determined to make her own way in the emerging United States of America, and live free of the dictates and demands of another husband, widow Evelyn Hamilton faces soaring post-war inflation as she struggles to provide for herself and her infant son.

Militiaman Nathaniel Williams is determined to make his fortune on the New Frontier. But during a visit to Charlestown, his heart is ensnared by a smart, beautiful widow, forcing Nathaniel to make the hardest decision of his life.

Of all the books in this five star series (so far, as I am hopeful there will be more) this one is the most tense!
The war is over and the Brits have departed, leaving Charlestown to the residents. As is the case after any major conflict, there are people out of work and needing shelter. There were casualties as a result of battle, and Evelyn is a widow with a newborn son.

There is a struggle to find a new normal and in this particular town, the women intend to have their say. Many people are opposed to the continued use of slaves, but others can't imagine a life without them.

If you have read any of the previous books in this series you have met these well developed characters. Nat Williams was not a major character in the past but now we learn much more about him.
To be honest, he has flaws and makes some bad decisions. He has some very traditional views which don't quite mesh with Evelyn's vision of an ideal future. Does life require us to give up our own dreams to support those of another?

I only wish we had heard more about the opening and success of Emily's dress shop!
This is an amazing series that I suggest for high school age and above and for every book club to read!

I love this series!!!

Betty Bolté writes both historical and contemporary stories featuring strong, loving women and brave, compassionate men. No matter whether the stories are set in the past or the present, she loves to include a touch of the paranormal. In addition to her romantic fiction, she’s the author of several nonfiction books and earned a Master of Arts in English in 2008. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Historical Novel Society, the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and the Authors Guild. Get to know her at


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