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Make It Rain

Title: Make It Rain
Author: Sasha Marshall
Genre: Rock Star Romance

About the Book

When you rip the Guitar Goddess’s world apart, and your own, how in the f@*k are you supposed to find redemption? She’s my world, and I’ve shattered her. What began as an absence for us to both heal, ends in the dissolution of our relationship, and my breaking heart. I committed the most unforgivable transgression, but maybe not everything is as it seems.
One more tragedy, one more f@*king tragedy may be the only way back into her heart. I have one more chance to explain what really happened, and hope she believes me. I’ll embrace this time to show her I’m still the man she fell in love with, and to win her back, but how in the hell am I supposed to do that when she’s holding me at arm’s length?
Our pain, all of our pain, began with Caleb’s death. Maybe I’m still paying the price for him leaving her, because for a short time, I left her too. All I can do is pray to him and whatever is out there, that we’ll be brought back together. I can only hope that she’ll sleep beside me once again, smile for only me, and love me the way she used to. I can only long for her to make me whole again, and stop this ache in my chest.
He was the only one who had never betrayed me, until he did. He never lied to me, until he did. He was always by my side, until he wasn’t. The one person who has always been my constant, best friend, and then lover left me. They all leave me, though. They all lie to me. They all betray me at some point. Then, he showed up with his gorgeous green eyes, tattoos, and undercut, and I have a hard time staying away, but I also can’t seem to look him in the eye anymore. I can’t give him anymore of my heart, because that precious little organ barely survived him the first time.
Maybe we should’ve never crossed the line from friends to lovers. If we hadn’t, I’d still have him by my side. I we’d never danced the way we did, he’d still be my best friend. I don’t know how he’s supposed to fit into my life anymore. He’s always made my life brighter, happier, and carefree. How do you learn to live without that? I thought I knew everything about him, but now I question everything.
This is the fifth installment of the Guitar Face Series. The series must be read in order.

Rocker Doll to Rocker Doll
Rock Romance author, L.P. Maxa interviews Sasha Marshall
July 1, 2016
1.      If your life had a rock theme song, what would it be?
That’s a tough question. I’m a huge music lover and have an incredibly eclectic taste in music, so I wouldn’t be able to pick just one song. I’ll narrow it to four songs I consider to be themes of my life. I’ve encountered a lot of trials and tribulations, and even tragedies in my own life. A song that really spoke to me about dealing with my own demons is, Seether’s “Keeping the Dogs At Bay”.  When you grieve parts of your life, or events that occur, I think you have to constantly remind yourself that keeping it all bottled up isn’t healthy. You have to realize when you hit rock bottom that you’ve got two choices; you can either let it end your will to live or, you can keep hoping for better days.
My second life theme song would be Tool’s "├ćnema". I make no bones about the issues I have with the way our society sensationalizes people for no reason. Unfortunately, the media is good at making us care about stupid shit like the Kardashian’s, or how much weight an actress has gained, instead of the issues that really need attention; inequitable access to education, poverty, homelessness, the foster care system, finding a cure for HIV and cancer, corruption in politics, and the list goes on. The press also does an amazing job at skewing bias, reality, and perspective. They never present all the facts. Our society is more concerned with purses that cost more than I make in a month, having the most followers on Twitter, gaming, and watching shit shows on television than making a difference in our world. As a lifelong learner and educator, it really saddens me that we place such high importance on topics that virtually have no effect on our personal lives. Yet, no one in America seems to know we have a third political party in this election, The Libertarian Party. America is consistently ranked behind our counterparts in education, because of the importance we place on irrelevant affairs. This song does an amazing job of explaining how I feel about the state of our world and country.

My third theme song would be Highly Suspect’s “Mister Asylum”.  I have Asperger’s Syndrome and suffer from severe social anxiety at times, so this song really hit home when I first heard it. If you’ve never had a panic attack, this song tells you exactly what it feels like.

“Drive” by Incubus is definitely the song that touches on most of my life. I’m a huge Incubus fan, so I latched onto this song when I was a teenager. It’s about whether or not you let the fear of the unknown outshine your life, hopes, and dreams. It’s choosing whether you join the status quo and remain a sheep, or follow the path to be something bigger, better, and different. I think the song is also about deciding to live life with your eyes open so that your mind is free of judgment, prejudice, and full of love, compassion, and empathy, so you can accept all the beauty this world has to offer, in all its various shades and shapes. The song is about deciding to live with arms wide open to embrace the beauty and eccentricities our world is filled with. I chose to hold the wheel and drive.
2.      We all have Kip crushes, obviously, but which of the men in the Guitar Faces series holds your heart?
I really have to choose? Ha! Once again, I don’t think I can choose just one. Kip is definitely closest to my heart in an intimate manner since he’s so much like my husband. I also identify with Kip on so many levels. Kip is essentially “the fixer”, and it became his coping mechanism to deal with his shitty childhood. He uses humor to fix others and to make them smile. I identify with that, but the way he fucks, makes me laugh, and is completely inappropriate all the times is a dead ringer for Dane.
Cory, who exists in real life, is also very dear to my heart. He’s been my savior and protector many times since we were children. He also has a very similar sense of humor to Kip’s He is always honest, supportive, and is always there for me to talk. He never judges my eccentricities and has always accepted me for who I am. Cory, for the most part, is pretty comparable to the character in the story.
Red also holds my heart. I wrote him for my grandfather who passed five years ago. The character and the person are again very akin, and he was my hero from the day I was born until the day he left. So, writing about Red makes me feel as though my grandfather is right beside me.
3.      Based on your answer in question 3, who would you want in your bed? If you had to pick Which one would you pick if you could only nail one for the rest of your life?
Most definitely Kip. Most of the scenes you’ve read between Kipley have been perfected on my end with a great deal of practice with Dane. Do you blame me? Dane finally got around to reading River of Deceit the other day and told me they were fucking left and right, and that it sounded just like him. He also told me I was a nasty little bitch and he loved me. Ya think, honey? It also made him horny, so my job here is done.
Kip would be the one I’d want to nail for the rest of my life. Have you read how dirty that man is? Where’s my church fan?
4.      So, I use Tumblr for help when I’m not feeling a sex scene. What do you use when you need a little help?
First of all, you are a naughty little rocker doll. Secondly, that makes me so proud. To answer the question, I unabashedly watch porn. I have strict tastes, but I let myself get turned on by watching others get down. I also have really great sex, so personal experience always helps. My imagination is huge and I can write without porn, because my mind is a dirty, vulgar place.
5.      Are there any other outlets you use for inspiration?
Music is both my inspiration and where I get lost when I need to decompress. I can’t write without music. Hell, I can’t drive without music on as loud as it will go. If I’m conscious, I’m listening to music. I get socially exhausted rather easily, so music is a place I can literally get lost in the lyrics, the harmony, and the composition.
I also play the piano and am in the process of learning to play the guitar, which is so fucking hard. I am a voracious reader, and I rarely watch television, but when I do, I can usually find inspiration in the experiences and stories.
6.      Speaking of music, what are Kip and Henley listening to right now? Who are they playing on loop?
Kip and Henley have been listening to Led Zeppelin, Angus & Julia Stone, Nothing More, Candlebox, Joshua Radin, Citizen Cope, The Doors, Seether, Incubus, Shinedown, Highly Suspect, The Weeknd, The South Paw Soundtrack, The Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, Drive-by Truckers, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Stone Sour, and Mumford & Sons. Angus & Julia Stone and Candlebox have been playing on loop.
7.      Just for fun, since we were talking about accents the other day… what’s your favorite? Besides, dirty pirate, of course.
Fuck, I love accents. There’s a guy that lives nearby with a New Zealand accent and I could listen to him talk all day. I also love a South African and an Irish accent. I like a Scottish accent, but if it’s thick, I can’t understand half of what they’re saying. I just assume it doesn’t much matter what they say as long as they continue talking to me. I really dig a Jamaican accent, and could live there for an extended amount of time. I love the country and culture. Lastly, I love a southern Louisiana accent. I was lucky enough to marry a man with one, and I enjoy hearing his family speak.
8.      What’s next for you? More Guitar Face? Or moving on to another project for now?
I hardly ever know what’s next. I have another book complete, but I’m thinking about holding onto it and beginning a small publishing company with my author BFF, wink wink, that will be author friendly. I need to add a few more chapters. I also have three other books halfway written, but I just need to be in the right frame of mind to complete the projects. The Guitar Face Series will definitely be a long one. The characters are just too real and complex, so I feel they each deserve a book of their own. I’m having a difficult time deciding whether to write the next installment for Koi or Jagger, but it will definitely be one of them.
9.      Advice for other writers? Thoughts on staying indie?
The greatest advice I can give other writers is to write with every bit of emotion you have. If you don’t invest yourself in your characters and writing, it will show. Also, don’t write a cookie cutter book. Dare to be original. The most important thing I think an author can do is be transparent with their readers. They support you. Create a community among your readers. When I have shit days, I’ll receive a message from a reader that makes me feel like I’m the best author in the world. I can log onto the Facebook Group, and enter a world where I’m safe and I can be myself no matter what. Always be sincere and honest with readers.
I’ve submitted previously published work to a few lit agents, and never got a reply. It’s more than likely a direct result of the work being self-published. The publishing industry isn’t really author friendly in my opinion. E-book publishers are popping up all over, but they aren’t helping the authors by giving them their all. I chose to stay indie because I didn’t want to be broken hearted when a publishing company didn’t support and guide me through the entire process. It’s one of the reasons I’d like to start my own publishing company for authors. I’d like to make sure the authors are getting their fair share of profits and that the company is pushing really great stories. And the brutal truth is, I’ve never written a book for anyone but myself and the readers. I don’t write for publishers or lit agents. I think I’m a little too unorthodox and in need of more control of my work and image to leave the indie world. 

Author Bio

Sasha Marshall is an American author who is known for writing The Guitar Face Series. She was born March 15, in Macon, Georgia. She has currently published the first four books int The Guitar Face Series, “Guitar Face”, “There’s No Crying in Rock-n-Roll”, “Walking Back To Georgia”, and “River of Deceit”.
Sasha is also a well-known rock photographer, having toured professionally with The Allman Brothers Band, WideSpread Panic, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Doobie Brothers, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, and Susan Tedeschi. She has a Bachelors of Arts in history, a Masters of Liberal Studies in Social Science, and a Specialist Degree in Instructional Technology. Sasha is also a graphic artist, known for creating her own covers in addition to book and CD covers for artists and authors. Sasha is happily married to her husband Dane. They reside in Georgia on a tranquil 300-acre farm. They have two children and three dogs. Dane Marshall is an accomplished and talented musician from the band Slice. Sasha is known for her cliffhanger endings, witty humor, and excessive use inappropriate words and characters


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