Monday, December 5, 2016

Conquering Passion Medieval Romance Audiobook

Conquering Passion (The Montbryce Legacy Medieval Romance Book 1) by Anna Markland

The year is 1066. Events are unfolding that will change the course of history. Conquering Passion is an epic medieval romance. The first book in the family saga series, The Montbryce Legacy, Conquering Passion introduces us to Rambaud, Antoine, and Hugh de Montbryce, brothers from a noble Norman family with a long and illustrious military history. 

The eldest brother, Ram de Montbryce, is an ambitious warrior, greedy for glory and power in the service of his friend, William the Conqueror. His heroism at the Battle of Hastings helps secure the Norman victory and earns him an earldom in newly conquered England. Nothing can stand in the way of his ambition, especially not love.

He recognizes he has an obligation to marry, but believes the woman his father has chosen for him is unsuitable. 

Mabelle de Valtesse has spent years wandering through Normandy with her exiled father. When his lands are finally restored to him and freedom is within her grasp, her father betroths her to Ram de Montbryce. 
Together, Ram and Mabelle struggle to establish a powerful dynasty in a hostile and dangerous medieval world. They share passion, but can a warrior like Ram, who demands obedience in a wife, find love with the wilful refugee brought to his bed in an arranged marriage?

They are drawn to each other physically, but it takes a cruel separation to make them realize the depth of their mutual love. Power and wealth will mean nothing if Ram cannot rescue her from her kidnappers.
Can love survive and flourish amid the carnage, hatred, betrayals, and dangers of the Norman Conquest? 
Juicy historical fiction. 

A story of intimacy, ambition, conspiracy, and vengeance. It’s a medieval world far removed from ours, and yet the characters are men and women who struggle with many of the same internal conflicts we face today.

If you enjoy sensual medieval romance rich in historical detail, you’ll love Conquering Passion. You’ll want to read the other books in the family saga series, If Love Dares Enough, A Man of Value, and Passion in the Blood.

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