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by A.G. Reid, Barb DeLong, Jill Jaynes, Shauna Roberts, Janna Roznos, Kathleen Rowland

GENRE: sweet contemporary romance



Mr. Valentine Comes to Town by A.G. Reid: A mysterious vacationer—and supernatural

entity—Mr. Valentine is matchmaking despite strict instructions from the goddess Venus to

leave the people of Moonlight Cove alone.

Maggie’s Mystery Man by Barb DeLong: Who is the reclusive visitor that has rented the entire

Bed and Breakfast in the historic Moonlight Cove Lighthouse and who only appears in public in

a bad disguise complete with a ridiculous fake wig? Maggie might find the big story that will

save her small town paper. Or she might find much more.

Once Upon a Love Letter by Jill Jaynes: Chloe Reiser sees dead people, and now that she’s

back in Moonlight Cove to make a fresh start, she’s done keeping it a secret. But how is she

going to tell her more-skeptical- than-ever high school crush that his dead father has an

important message for him?

Surprise Deliveries by Shauna Roberts: Serious, sensible Mr. Hamasaki left for a trip and never

came back. His daughter and an artist must team up to find him.

Second Time Around by Janna Roznos: A woman with her business on the brink may find more

than she bargained for in the old Victorian house left to her by her dead sister.

Lily’s Pad by Kathleen Rowland: Lily Holmes knows enough tricks to attract celebrities to her

beachside bistro, Lily’s Pad. She knows the rules but breaks one when she falls in love with her

valued client, reality T.V. star Scarlett Royale’s man, Creed Taylor.

From Surprise Deliveries by Shauna Roberts

“You’re not Jorge!” This UPS man was a stranger.

The man groaned again and eased himself up onto his elbow. He looked up at her, blinking, his

eyes gazing in slightly different directions.

“And you’re not Mr. Hamasaki. At least, I don’t think so.”

He lay down again, closed his eyes, and took deep breaths.

If you believe that love can overcome all obstacles, you'll enjoy this collection.
Various themes connect the individual stories in this collection.

Beginning with various characters and creatures associated with love and falling in love. Valentine and Venus have their own attraction going on. Wonderfully descriptive. It made me think about how I would imagine the top Love Office. This short tale is just a teasing introduction.
The second story features a couple of very human protagonists, in the same small town as the first. The vacation theme also continues. With many elements of a cozy read, this becomes a steamier romance until an honest error diffuses the heat. If only a muse could also play Cupid.
As in the first story, these two are in a compatible line of work with common interests.

"Seeing dead people looked exciting on TV but in real life, it was often a big pain in the butt." So we find out from Chloe in the third story. When she returns home to Moonlight Cove all grown up, she is pleasantly surprised to become reacquainted with her high school crush. The trouble is, Chloe has a secret she is ready to reveal and Thomas has a bad impression concerning both love and psychics. 
Can she follow her dreams and remain true to herself? A sweet romance.

The next story has an artistic bent. It has much conflict and again deals with being true to oneself.
Leonie comes from a different culture, not only by bloodline but also environment. 
This storyline has such passion and energy, I guarantee you will look at your world with fresh eyes, make new connections after enjoying it.

The theme of seeing life differently and becoming aware of new opportunities shows up again in Janna Roznos's contribution. As in the previous story, estranged family plays a role. 
Can memories of a ten year old romance aid in resolving guilt feelings about ignoring a sister? Is it time to let go of the past? What hope might the future offer?

Each of the stories so far incorporated the Bikini Babes only in passing. When we finally hear about them, there is more to their intrusion into Moonlight Cove than filming a reality television show. Greed and deception are at play, affecting previous characters we've grown to care about. Can a true American hero put things to right? His family designed a future for him with the girl next door.

Finally, what was begun between Mr. Valentine and his associates is revisited.
Will the mystery of his record be uncovered? Will he have his vacation?
Is Moonlight Cove to be the location for a happy ending?

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jill Jaynes began her love affair with romance when she was a teenager growing up in Southern California, spending many a late-night under the covers with a flashlight and good romance novel.  Today she writes stories with happy endings her own way--with a dash of magic that means anything can happen. When she’s not writing, you can find her wine-tasting or hiking with her awesome husband, plotting her next story with her writer-daughter or working at her day job in her spare time.


Shauna Roberts writes historical fiction, science fiction, romance, and fantasy and is a graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop. Her publications include more than a thousand nonfiction articles, three nonfiction books, several short stories, two novelettes, and three novels (Like Mayflies in a Stream, historical fiction, 2009; Claimed by the Enemy, historical fiction with romantic elements, 2014; and Ice Magic, Fire Magic, fantasy with romantic elements, 2015).


A.G. Reid developed a love for romance novels while serving in the military. It helped keep him grounded. He now writes romantic stories with a paranormal twist. Enjoy his short story Mr. Valentine Comes to Town in the romance anthology, Secrets Of Moonlight Cove.


Barb DeLong loves all things romance, animals and light-hearted, so she combines the three into her contemporary and paranormal stories. She has published a short story in Romancing the Pages anthology, Secrets of Moonlight Cove anthology, and is currently working on another short story plus a three-book paranormal romance series.


Janna Roznos writes about the middle-ages: middle-aged women that is! Second chances, life changes and starting over are themes she continues to explore in her writing. Her short story, Second Time Around for Secrets of Moonlight Cove is her first published work.


Kathleen Rowland is devoted to giving her readers fast-paced, high-stakes suspense with a sizzling love story sure to melt their hearts.  Some are sweet: Lily’s Pad within the Secrets of Moonlight Cove anthology, but a sizzling hot example is Deadly Alliance from Tirgearr Publishing. 


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