Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Offbeat Enlightenment Review Campaign

Offbeat Enlightenment

Author: Dr. Janice Anderson & Kiersten Anderson
Publisher: Booklocker
Pages: 306
Genre: Self-Help
Offbeat Enlightenment introduces the groundbreaking and original method of “secular enlightenment” created by Dr. Janice Anderson and Kiersten Anderson. After discovering the dynamic connection between inner peace and optimum health, this mother-daughter duo compiled their years of knowledge and expertise into easy-to-understand, entirely secular skills of enlightenment so anyone can uncover inner peace, health, and happiness.
Offbeat Enlightenment teaches:
  • How to reclaim your peace, therefore reclaiming your health.
  • How to cope with stress.
  • How to take enlightened action.
  • How to protect your peace.
  • How to heal your past.
  • How to see with “enlightened eyes.”
  • How to live an enlightened life.
Offbeat Enlightenment is for those who are willing to venture off the beaten path. This book is for the unique individuals who dare to defy conventional norms in order to uncover peace and attain optimum health. Dr. Anderson and Kiersten wrote this book in the hopes that you can benefit from their insights, so you don’t have to stumble (like they did…numerous times!) on this unconventional but ultimately life-changing journey to peace.

My Review:
There were sections of the book I found fascinating and intriguing but the repetitive language of the text did not excite me. There is some excellent information in this book, but I felt it could use a better editing. It needs streamlining. I could definitely hear two voices in the pages. They needed to harmonize better.

Even with the repetitive nature, I found value in the lessons.
It cleared up some personality relationship concepts. 
I am not convinced one must be vegan to reach enlightenment, but I understand where the authors are coming from.

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