Friday, February 17, 2017

The Skeleton Code

Author: Ken Massey & Ally Campanella
Publisher: Morgan James
Pages: 205
Genre: Self-Help/Satire

THE SKELETON CODE: A Satirical Guide to Secret Keeping by Alla Campanella and Ken Massey (Morgan James Publishing; November 1, 2016) may poke fun at the many outrageous ways people think they are hiding shameful secrets, “but the reality of hiding or denying the darker aspects of life is far from humorous,” says co-author Ken Massey. THE SKELETON CODE is a satirical and humorous look at the many ways we protect our public personas by closeting our personal secrets. The satire helps us wade into the dark and difficult waters of that famous river called Denial.
Skeletons are secrets from the past or present that haunt a person’s happiness. In THE SKELETON CODE, the authors reveal true stories that have haunted people for years. The secrets they share are closeted confidences that represent thoughts, feelings, and actions that, if discovered, would be very embarrassing or problematic to relationships or reputations.
THE SKELETON CODE reveals why we keep secrets, how this covert lifestyle affects our relationships, and the different types of secrets we keep, including:
  • The “secret” secret, which is the worst secret of all.
  • The two secrets you never want to keep from people you love or from yourself.”
  • The truth about transparency and why it’s a powerful path to personal freedom
In the first part of THE SKELETON CODE, which is stinging satire, the authors provide strategies that have protected politicians and socialites alike. THE SKELETON CODE, interviews with real people whose names have been changed reveal how keeping skeletons in the closet ruined relationships and derailed lives. You can use the facetious strategies of THE SKELETON CODE and maximize a self-deluding way of life.
Or you can discover the The Skeleton Cure and imagine not having to keep up appearances at work, being completely relaxed around your family and friends, not having to remember your cover-ups, deceptions, exaggerations, or excuses.
“Imagine loving and accepting the real you, including your weaknesses,” say Alla and Ken. “Imagine the friendship of others who actually know you and maybe even like you because you’re ‘flawed’ like them.” Alla and Ken want you to know that this freedom is better than you can imagine and hope you will look into this mirror and discover The Skeleton Cure, which is a life of deeper self-honesty and transparency.

The Skeleton Code is a different kind of Self Help book. 
Each of us has secrets that we try to keep deeply hidden. Most of them are just embarrassing, not life threatening, but some we feel might embarrass us to death. Addressed are skeletons (secrets) that any one of us may have.
This book looks at the damage done by living with secrets, whether or not they are discovered.
In today's recordable, researchable, viewable shareable society, what are the odds that your skeleton won't slip into the light, probably at the worst possible time? 

The authors are careful to disclaim promoting immoral, unethical or illegal behavior while they 
present several chapters of ways you may protect your secrets. They also claim the ability to keep their own skeletons deep in the shadows.
The first part of the book, written in a sarcastically satorical humor includes interviews with real people and stories of how keeping those secrets hidden have ruined relationships and changed their lives. Secrets and skeletons become a big deal based on the reactions they get when disclosed.

When you think of skeletons in a closet, the first people to come to mind are those in the public spotlight, entertainers, yes, but even more so - politicians, We learn from them about cherry picking and spin. Even when you feel your skeleton is starting to show, never express fear or hesitation. Lay a false trail to draw attention away from your skeleton. Dress it up in disquises. 

The authors offer ways to help release the past, get rid of those hidden enemies that keep you from living with truth and happiness.
The writing is intelligent, informed with literary and pop culture allusions. The Skeleton Code is best read in small doses to absorb the tactics. 

In the final section, the writers blow their own cover. They propose a method of “The Skeleton Cure” with an engaging tale to teach good points about negative characteristics and traits. 
Take a closer look at your own skeletons and give them a different interpretation. Define why you are keeping them secret and hidden away. Could there be benefits from releasing them into the light?

This is a book you may have to revisit when you notice you again have skeletons lurking in your closet.

 “I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review” 

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