Facials Can Be Fatal
by Nancy J. Cohen

Facials Can Be Fatal (A Bad Hair Day Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
13th in Series
Five Star Publishing (February 22, 2017)
Hardcover: 286 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1432832827

During the frenzy of the December holidays, the last thing salon owner Marla Vail needs is a dead body slathered in a green facial mask at her new day spa. The victim, Valerie Weston, was a major donor for Friends of Old Florida, a historic building preservation society. Marla's stylists are scheduled to work backstage at their upcoming gala fashion show, but Val's demise might put a crimp in their plans. Hoping to salvage her reputation, Marla determines to track down the suspects. As she learns more about Val, she realizes the benefactress might have stumbled onto secrets others would kill to keep. She'd better prepare for a body count that has nothing to do with hot stone massages and everything to do with murder.

Marla reached the group huddled in front of one of their facial and waxing rooms. “What’s going on?”

An aesthetician, her complexion white as her lab coat, wiped her teary eyes. “I am sorry,” she said with an accent, her voice wavering. “Val was fine when I put the cream mask on her face. I only left for ten minutes to let her relax. When I returned, she didn’t move and I thought she must be asleep. I did not realize at first she was not breathing.”

“I’ve already called 911,” Traci said in a quiet undertone. “The cops and medics should be here any minute.”

“Your customer isn’t breathing?” Marla pushed past the crowd to enter the room and administer CPR, but the sight inside made her stop midtrack.

A woman lay supine half off the table, her hands encased in cloth mitts and her mouth wide open. Her face, coated with a greenish substance, aimed a glassy stare at the ceiling. New Age music played in the background, the soothing melody an incongruence to the scene. Air-conditioning blasted cool air into the room with a citrus scent. A discarded towel lay on the floor.

“Oh. My. God.” It might be too late for CPR if the woman had lain like this for longer than ten minutes. Could she have suffered a seizure? Her bluish lips could indicate anything.

Marla forced herself to at least palpate for a pulse at the lady’s neck. She tamped down the bile in her throat at the clammy feel of her skin. The hardened face mask gave the lady an almost alien appearance. Was that consistency normal for a facial?

Not feeling a beat at the carotid, Marla backed away. The best thing she could do would be to secure the room until the cops arrived.

Plan to spend all weekend at the day spa! With all the twists and turns between these covers you will need to plan a relaxation day to recover. The book starts with a scream and the action never slows. 
Still in their honeymoon phase, Marla and her hunky detective husband are about to celebrate their first anniversary, along with combined Christmas and Hanukkah. Add in numerous special events and holiday parties as well as meddling in-laws and a teenager learning to drive. 
And you thought your holidays were stressful??

We are treated to the inner workings of the beauty industry and more facts about hair than I ever thought I'd need to know. All of the experiences and facts were fascinating. 
For a while I suspected a few of the long term friend/employees of the salon. This story is indeed a treasure hunt. I know it will be difficult to wait for the next adventure as I am sure Marla has not given up her snooping

About The Author

Nancy J. Cohen writes the Bad Hair Day Mysteries featuring South Florida hairstylist Marla Vail. Titles in this series have made the IMBA bestseller list and been selected by Suspense Magazine as best cozy mystery. Nancy has also written the instructional guide, Writing the Cozy Mystery. Her imaginative romances, including the Drift Lords series, have proven popular with fans as well.
A featured speaker at libraries, conferences, and community events, Nancy is listed in Contemporary Authors, Poets & Writers, and Who's Who in U.S. Writers, Editors, & Poets.
When not busy writing, she enjoys fine dining, cruising, visiting Disney World, and shopping.

Visit her at NancyJCohen.com

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review and for having me here!

  2. I can't wait to read Facials Can Be Fatal -- I enjoyed the excerpt, and it sounds like a great book!

  3. We can all relate to a wonderful time at a spa being interrupted. Clever premise.

    1. Thanks, Catalina. We want our spa sessions to be peaceful, yes?

  4. Great excerpt! Sounds like a really fun read. Looking forward to reading the book.

  5. I hope you enjoy the story, Dianne.


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