The Tick Tock Man by R.M. Clark


When the clocks in town stop, thirteen-year-old CJ discovers an unusual "clock world" where most of the citizens are clock parts, tasked with keeping the big clocks running. But soon the seemingly peaceful world is divided between warring factions with CJ instructed to find the only person who can help: the elusive Tick Tock Man. 

The Tick Tock Man by R.M. Clark
Publication Date:  May 2, 2017
Publisher:  Month9Books/Tantrum Books

With the aid of Fuzee, a partly-human girl, he battles gear-headed extremists and razor-sharp pendulums in order to restore order before this world of chimes, springs, and clock people dissolves into a massive time warp, taking CJ's quiet New England town with it.

What starts out as a traditional Thanksgiving gathering in a family with a bit of a clock obsession, quickly becomes another-wordly adventure for 13 year old C.J.
Recommended for youth readers, I feel this will appeal to a wide age range from upper elementary to adult. A clean read with danger and imagination, it moves at a quick pace.
Battling clock maker factions and creatures part human or humanoid, part clock gear or element make this a fun way to learn more about all that goes into making an analog clock tick.
Who can CJ trust when he is trying to survive and save the day?
Another big question revolves around why the clocks stopped when they did and what will happen if they don't start again. Or is the question What happens when they do?
A fun, exciting read.

R. M. Clark is a computer scientist for the Dept. of Navy by day and children’s book writer by night. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two sons.
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