Friday, October 13, 2017

Tangled in Time

Tangled in Time
Miss Main Street Book 1
by Angela Castillo
Genre: Women's Inspirational Contemporary

Clean slice-of-life women's fiction with a romantic thread and Christian elements

Every small town has its secrets. Darcy’s have been locked up inside her since that last summer when she left Wimber, Texas, and the boy she loved, for a glitzy life in Los Angeles. 

Seven years later, her gran’s passed away. Darcy’s been named as the sole owner of the Tangled in Time antique store. Darcy can’t wait to get back to the place where she’s always felt she belonged. But owning a business isn’t as easy as it seems. And sometimes the past is better left alone. 

But Darcy is determined to push forward, despite the obstacles that cross her path. And maybe even have another chance to be with the man who stayed behind.

This cozy little novel reads like a warm hug feels. With all the charm of a small town and the requisite gossipy neighbors, for the most part the residents of Wimber all care about each other and are willing to help.  Each one's success benefits all.
However some people are not happy unless others do as they feel is best for them and try to manipulate them to their way of thinking.  Whose family doesn't have some dysfinction?
Since Darcy was a little girl she was curious about the door, is it a closet or is there more behind it, that Grandma never opened. Where could the key be? This is the continuing question throughout the book.  The answer is gently revealed  attempting to make something positive from a dark time.
I enjoyed escaping to Wimber, TX and meeting the wonderful ladies.  I only wished Vera's motive had been stronger. She was more of a pest than a hard antagonist, although if I had been Darcy, Vera would have been bad enough.
This is a wonderful shorter read to escape to in a summer hammock.
Angela Castillo loves living in the small town of Bastrop Texas, and draws much of her writing inspiration from life there. She loves to walk in the woods and shop in the local stores. Castillo studied Practical Theology and Music at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. She was home-schooled all through high school and is the oldest of 7 kids. Castillo's greatest joys are her little girl and two boys. Castillo has been published in The First Line, Aardvark's Ark, Heartwarmers, Thema, and several other publications, and also has works available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. Watch book trailers on my Amazon author page!

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  1. This book is "my cup of tea", looking forward to reading it!


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