Friday, November 17, 2017


Death at the Midnight Dragonfly by Susan Boles

Argent Ocean Publishing (November 10, 2017) 
Paperback: 216 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-0997909357 

On the fourth day of Christmas, In Mercy, Mississippi....
Four suspects lying, Three sleuths a sleuthing Two clues a hiding And a very, very dead body.
It's the Christmas season in Mercy, Mississippi. But things are far from jolly.
For Vlad Templeton the sleepy little town where he spent his childhood provides the perfect place to conduct his state funded sleep study. But when the local bank manager, who was participating in the study, is found dead on his doorstep, is it a set up...or is Vlad somehow involved?
But, when someone makes an attempt on Lily Gayle's and Dixie's life, the two realize they better move fast....or they might end up sleeping forever.

Full of southern spunk and sass, this fast paced small town  mystery pits longterm friendships against an old friend with a mysterious past. Something strange is happening in the old manor. It also seems that several townspeople are having money issues so when the local banker is found dead at the Midnight Dragonfly there are no scarcity of suspects.
I was especially intrigued by a circus connection and some gemeology studies.
This is a character given series that takes you on a high speed adventure.

About the Author
 Susan calls McNairy County, TN her home ground even though she has moved away.
It was here, at Bethel Springs Junior High School that she began her writing career with two friends. They formed their own little writers group that was so secret they were the only ones who knew it existed.She still has some of the stories they wrote carefully preserved in a loose leaf binder and tucked away for safety.
 She has worked in retail management, briefly for the Census Bureau and for many years in the investment/insurance industry in the regulatory compliance arena. All of which are left brain activities. So she exercises her right brain activity with reading and writing…just to keep both sides even.
 Reading has been a passion since she was very young. As a toddler, her mother read to her from her 'baby books' and her Mother tells a story about her holding one of them upsidedown and 'reading' by repeating the story verbatim from memory.
 Susan writes mysteries set in the big city of Memphis, TN and the fictional small town of Mercy, Mississippi.

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  1. I love the cover! Really makes me want to read the series. Sounds like a great series.


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