Friday, March 2, 2018

Summer in San Remo

Anything could happen when you spend summer in San Remo … 

Series:  The Riviera Rogues (Book 1)
Genre: romantic comedy
Release Date: 18 July 2017
Publisher: Choc-lit
Running her busy concierge service usually keeps Cassie Travers fully occupied. But when a new client offers her the strangest commission she's ever handled she suddenly finds herself on the cusp of an Italian adventure, with a man she thought she would never see again.
Jake McQuire has returned from the States to his family-run detective agency. When old flame Cassie appears in need of help with her mysterious client, who better than Jake to step in?
Events take the pair across Europe to a luxurious villa on the Italian Riviera. There, Cassie finds that the mystery she pursues pales into insignificance, when compared to another discovery made along the way …

What is the perfect job for someone who isn't sure what she wants to do? A concierge business where every day is different and Cassie has a chance to do a little of everything, including being the boss. She is a strong, independent woman, well except in one area. She has a weakness where her high school boyfriend is concerned. He left her to go off to college and broke her heart. 
A few years later another boyfriend takes advantage of her and Cassie is back to square one, struggling to build her business and her trust in people. At least she has business partner and best friend Bennie.

Evonne Wareham has written some complicated and developed characters. They are unpredictable and imperfect. My feelings about them waffled as events happened. This is a book about trust and healing. It is about second (or third) chances and secrets. There is a sweet love story underneath it all, but a very rocky road must be traveled and at times I wasn't sure who might be hurt along the way. I felt compassion for both the main characters even when I wanted to scream at them for taking unadvised actions.

This is promoted as book one. Since so much happens in this first book I am very curious to see where the author takes this.
Evonne Wareham was born in Barry on the South Wales coast, but spent most of her working life in London. Now home again in Wales she is studying for a PhD in History and writing romance. She was a finalist in two reality writing contests in the United States and had a great time, even if she didn’t win. When not studying or writing, she loves to travel, go to the theatre, walk on the beach and sleep. She has won and been nominated for awards for her romantic suspense novels on both sides of the Atlantic, but Summer in San Remo is  something different  – a romantic comedy with a light dusting of crime - which is a change of pace from writing the dark scary stuff. She is a member of both the Crime Writers’ Association and the Romantic Novelists’ Association, which means she gets to go to twice as many literary parties.

Twitter: @evonnewareham

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  1. Thank you, Laura for being part of the blog tour. I'm working on the next book now - it has two new protagonists, although Cassie and Jake are still involved, and in love,


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