Manhattan Millionaire's Cinderella

Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella
Will their wedding night be a one-night stand or a merger for keeps?
Global real estate mogul, Cade Sloan should've listened to his own advice: trust no one, and never a woman…especially not his 24-hour bride gone AWOL with his millions. Nina, mousy secretary turned sexy vixen, will repay every penny with interest…
When Cade gears up for a takeover, there's sweet hell to pay. Nina owes her husband a wedding night and he’s hell bent on collecting… his way, his time, his pleasure.

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Sun Chara, an Amazon top 100 bestseller, writes sexy, hip ‘n fun contemporary romance for HarperImpulse. JABBIC winner, Manhattan Millionaire's Cinderella launched her writing career, spinning the 'global millionaires’ series'. She makes her home in southern California, and has appeared on stage/film to rave reviews in How the Other Half Loves, General Hospital, and McGee and Me. With a Masters Degree in Education, and membership in SAG/AFTRA and Romance Writers of America, she enjoys sipping Frappuccinos topped with whipped cream/sprinkles, and dancing on the beach…making everyday a celebration!

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Everyone has their own agenda and secrets. A marriage "of convenience" or as a matter of business but all involved in this "deal" have their own reasons and desires. 
A misunderstanding stemming from an overheard conversation turns a run-away bride into a Cinderella-ish housemaid under constant surveillance.
Loyalty and revenge both have their role as this story plays out.
Can lust level the playing field? Can truth and love make their voices heard?
You'll never be sure who has the upper hand in this back and forth relationship.

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