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Meg Lelvis - Blind Eye - Review Tour

Hard-Boiled Mystery
Date Published: April 19
Publisher: Black Rose Writing

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The ultimate betrayal.  What would you do?

Hard-nosed Detective Jack Bailey is back in Chicago with a serial killer on his hands. At first Jack figures the murder of Sister Anne is a robbery gone bad. But when a Bible verse turns up with the body, he and his partner realize this is no random murder. The Bridgeport community is shocked; the popular nun taught generations of students. Within two weeks a young man’s body is found with a similar Bible verse. What is the connection between the two victims? And who is the so-called Bible Thumper perp?

 Jack’s investigation is complicated by a demanding sergeant whose attractiveness is overshadowed by her abrasiveness. Moving back to Chicago after escaping to Texas for six years has forced Jack to face the family trauma that plagued him for twelve years, as well as his PTSD that compromised his job. Jack finds his large Irish family both a pleasure and a pain; when he discovers a buried family secret, his future could be affected.

After a third victim is discovered, Jack must make tough decisions while facing issues of abuse, betrayal from high places, flawed parents, unlucky love, and the tragic fallout from turning more than one blind eye.

Early Review

“The past is always looming in this tale. The police detective’s PTSD both colors his interpretation of events and is affected by them...More than a straight-up police procedural, this tale gives readers the excitement of the chase while taking them deep into the psyches of its diverse characters"
—Kirkus Reviews

Reminiscent of the novels and tv crime shows of the 50s and 60s, offering "Just the facts, Ma'am,"
this grizzled cop and his mature, yet younger, partner must dig into the distressing world of child abuse and religious cover ups. 
Dealing with PTSD and the loss of his family, the brash Detective Jack Bailey repeatedly wonders why he returned from Texas. Between a literary quoting partner, Jack's own bad puns and the saying of the day on a computer geek's T-shirts, this is a linguaphile's dream story.
Making sure to note that a serial killer requires a minimum of three victims, the cops must figure out the connections between victims while dealing with family and a bullying boss.Jack is a captivating character. I also appreciated Boone.

I read this book as a stand alone but am very interested in what will come next for Jack after his decisive moves during this book.

About the Author

Meg Lelvis’s fiction and poetry have won awards from Houston Writers Guild and Houston Writers House. Her short story featuring Detective Jack Bailey, was published in HWG mystery anthology followed by her first Jack Bailey novel, Bailey’s Law. Her second Bailey book, Blind Eye, is a stand-alone novel. Meg grew up in northern Minnesota and is a former English and psychology teacher. She lives in Houston, Texas.

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  1. Laura, thanks so much for the great review. I'm happy to hear you describe the characters, including Boone, the dog! Meg


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